NFL Insider: Lions Could Still Draft Quarterback Early

NFL Insider: Lions Could Still Draft Quarterback Early
Rod Wood


Rod Wood and Chris Spielman on the field before the Lions game.

For a while, the thinking has been the Detroit Lions would select the best player at a serious position of need in the 2021 NFL Draft. The needs have changed a bit as the free agency period has slowed down, and that could be causing a change in the draft plan.

After a big trade shook up the offseason, folks wondered if the Lions would chase after a quarterback. Landing Jared Goff in the deal seemed to soften the blow of needing to draft a rookie immediately, but the Lions could still look to do that according to some in the know.

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According to NFL insider Benjamin Allbright, discussions with someone have led him to believe that quarterback might not be out of the question providing the right one falls into Detroit’s lap.

Who could be on the board when the Lions pick? That’s the biggest question seeing as rumors hold that the first four picks of the draft could all be quarterbacks. Theoretically, someone like Justin Fields could be in play for the Lions a bit further down in the top 10 if he doesn’t go early on. Would that be enough to move the needle for the Lions? It’s possible if they like Fields enough, but this news could also be designed to panic teams into trading up or making a move to jump Detroit and push someone else down the board.

Brad Holmes Praised Quarterback Class

If the Lions do take a quarterback, the tea leaves for that move could have been around all along. Speaking during the lead into the draft, Detroit general manager Brad Holmes was asked to name some of the strongest positions in the draft. Right off the bat he named the safety position. Soon after that, though, he name-dropped the quarterback spot as particularly deep without being prompted whatsoever.

Surely, this revelation will ignite the Detroit fanbase to assume the team will strongly consider a quarterback when all is said and done even in spite of the fact that Jared Goff is primed to take over the position as the starter this year.

This time of year, Holmes could be playing some impressive poker as well. Of course he will tout the fact that the quarterback class is strong given he will want to try and hoist up the price for the seventh pick in a trade. Many have speculated the Lions could want a ransom for the pick, and that would be especially true if the quarterback class was deep this year within the top 10.

It’s possible this latest rumor was a bit of poker as well, but at the very least, nobody can be blind to the fact that the Lions want to consider a quarterback and could

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Lions Chances of Drafting a Quarterback in 2021

The Lions will have Jared Goff in the building, and he seems primed to be at least the short term solution for the team. Goff is still 26 and theoretically could still have his best days ahead of him considering the fact he is 6-5 as a starter in the playoffs, appeared in a Super Bowl and played late in the 2020-2021 season with a thumb injury. Knowing this, it’s a wiser bet the Lions would consider a wideout or a defensive player with their first selection this year. A quarterback to add to the mix could be prioritized later in the draft, however.

Given Holmes seems to appreciate the quarterback class, it wouldn’t be wise to bet on the Lions skipping the position entirely. Whether or not they gamble on the spot high in the 2021 draft will be interesting to watch, and with a few weeks left until the draft, many aren’t ruling the possibility out.

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