Rogan O’Connor Says He’s Done With The Challenge: ‘Enough’

Rogan O’Connor Says He’s Done With The Challenge: ‘Enough’
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Three-time Challenge star and War of the Worlds 2 champion Rogan O’Connor just revealed on social media that he may be done with the competition show. The British reality star, whose last appearance was on season 35, Total Madness, made the comment during an Instagram Q&A with fans on April 6.

In response to a fan saying, “Get your a** back on the challenge.” He said, “I feel like 3 seasons was enough… I achieved what I wanted to do” with a trophy emoji and a photo of himself on Team U.K. in War of the Worlds 2. Here is the screenshot:

Rogan O'Connor

InstagramRogan O’Connor’s Instagram story.

In his Q&A, Rogan also revealed that he’s back in the United Kingdom, where he’s just purchased a house and plans to stay in the country for a while “making it a home.” He also said that he’s no longer single and shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend kissing, although he didn’t reveal more information about the mystery woman.

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Rogan Appeared on 3 Seasons of the Show & Had a Rollercoaster Experience in His 3 Appearances

Rogan had a true rollercoaster experience on The Challenge after gaining reality TV fame on Ex on the Beach UK 2 and 3. He made the leap to The Challenge for Vendettas alongside several other Brits, Kyle Christie, Joss Mooney, Kayleigh Morris and Melissa Reeves and appeared to be a force to be reckoned with. However, he gassed out in the very first challenge running up the Rock of Gibraltar and was immediately sent home from the show.

He took a couple of seasons off and made his return on War of the Worlds 2, where he dominated the season and controlled the house with his alliance, making it to the final without seeing a single elimination. He won the final as the sole remaining British member of Team U.K., alongside Chris “CT” Tamburello, Dee Nguyen and Jordan Wiseley.

Rogan returned the following season for Total Madness and once again had a strong season. This time, he ended up in elimination twice, the first time defeating Jay Starrett in Fire Ball and the second time going up against Nelson Thomas in an extremely close Hall Brawl matchup. He made it to the final challenge where he faced Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio in an elimination halfway through the final and was eliminated, ultimately placing fifth overall.

In an Interview With Heavy, Jay Starrett Alluded That Rogan May Have Wanted to Appear on ‘Double Agents’

In a December interview with Heavy about the Double Agents season, Survivor star Jay revealed that his former rival may not have received a call for the 36th season despite being a finalist on Total Madness. Jay and Rogan butted heads on Total Madness after Jay flirted with Rogan’s former Challenge flame Dee Nguyen and then Rogan defeated Jay in a brutal elimination that saw Jay get medically disqualified.

Jay told Heavy that Rogan is now a friend of his and the two interact with each other on social media. Jay told Heavy, “I just became friends with him and I was like, ‘Yo man, we’re cool. No stress. You did what you did. You were pissed or whatever.’ That’s the name of the game, you want to win.”

Heavy asked Jay what his thoughts were about Rogan not returning for Double Agents and the Survivor star said he felt bad for Rogan: “I know how bad he wanted to be there. I know how bad I want to compete on the show, so if I didn’t get a call, I’d be bummed.”

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