Warriors Rookie Has Surprising Relationship With Nets’ Kevin Durant

Warriors Rookie Has Surprising Relationship With Nets’ Kevin Durant


Golden State Warriors rookie James Wiseman is starting to get the hang of things nearing the last couple of months of the NBA regular season. Although he struggled near the beginning of the season and even lost his starting position, he is starting to establish himself as a more dominant big man. His growth has been noticeable and celebrated by his fellow teammates and coaching staff. In a press conference on Monday, the rookie revealed that some of his progress can be owed to conversations with Brooklyn Nets’ superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Kevin Durant Offers Advice


Having a lot of faith in the 7-foot-1 big man, the Warriors selected Wiseman with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. During his career so far, Wiseman has been offered advice from fellow veteran teammates Draymond Green and Stephen Curry. Along with advice from his fellow teammates, advice has been given to him from players in other organizations across the league.

When asked which veterans of opposing teams have aided him at the beginning of his career Wiseman went into detail of conversations had with Durant and Irving, saying that he talks to Durant regularly. “We talk about the system, how he was able to fit into the system here,” described the rookie.

Wiseman recalled how he went to Durant for advice even before he got to the NBA. Dating back as far as high school. According to the rookie, Durant has been more than happy to offer his wisdom and advice.

“I talk to KD every day,” Wiseman said. “We talk about the system, how he was able to fit into the system here. He gives me a lot of advice. I’ve known K.D. since high school. We studied film and stuff and I think we had an ‘Overtime’ video where it was me and this other player, Kofi Cockburn from Illinois, and we just sat down and he was watching our film from high school and telling us what we need to work and how to get to the league.”

Wiseman’s rookie year has been full of its ups and downs. However, he takes every opportunity as a learning opportunity rather than letting it affect his confidence. Being in and out of the starting lineup has helped the young star get adjusted to how his play fits into the Warriors organization.

Kyrie Has Also Offered the Rookie Advice


In this same interview, Wiseman described how Irving has helped him develop into a better player as well.

“Kyrie Irving just told me in order to separate myself from my class I have to have the effort,” Wiseman said. “And just keep putting in the work. Just keep putting in more minutes and more hours into my craft. Just work hard every day.”

Although this advice isn’t anything life-changing, small snippets of advice will help the young rookie along the way. The ability to say that two All-Stars are supportive of him is an accomplishment in itself. This should also help with the young big’s confidence as he progresses in his career. Hopefully, the advice given to him by teammates and others in the league should help his transition into the league.

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