Fortnite Teases New Event in Deleted Cryptic Tweet

Fortnite Teases New Event in Deleted Cryptic Tweet
fortnite april 9 event

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In a now-deleted tweet from the official Fortnite Korea Twitter account, fans were given a glimpse at something being teased in the coming days.

In the tweet, it was a picture of a llama and a pickaxe that appeared to being filmed by somebody. In the bottom of the image the date April 9 was written out, seemingly indicated that something would be happening on that day.

However, just as soon as it was sent out, the tweet was deleted, but many people managed to get screenshots of it. Now, the only question that remains is what exactly was Fortnite teasing here?

Here’s the Deleted Tweet

Thanks to the fast actions of Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, we have a look at the tweet in its entirety and there’s a lot to unpack with it.

For starters, it looks like the llama and pickaxe are either being pitted against one another or there’s an event featuring the two of them. These two things are some of the backbones of Fortnite, so it’s really tough to tell what the plan is for them.

Another thing that’s interesting to note is the border around the images that seemingly indicate a video being filmed or something of the sort.

Finally, we have the date at the bottom which notes April 9, which would almost certainly mean that’s the day this will be happening.

April 9 is a Friday, so there likely won’t be an update or anything of the sort on that day, so it’s really hard to speculate about much. Another thing we don’t know is if this will be exclusive to Korea, or if it’ll be something that affects all Fortnite players.

What’s Going On?

Since the tweet was deleted rather fast, this might be something that wasn’t meant to ever been seen and it could’ve been a mistake.

While that could believable, the fact that it had a date two days from now at the bottom leads us to believe that it just went out too early or something.

It’s really tough to say what’s happening, but GMatrixGames says it’s an inside joke for Fortnite Korea players. Llama and Pickaxe are the community managers in Korea, so that could be the reasoning behind showing them in the image.

If that’s indeed the case, then it might not bode well for anybody hoping for this to be some sort of global event. Another indication this might be the case is the fact that none of the other Fortnite pages tweeted anything out.

Of course, we still have a few more days of waiting until this date and time arrive, so we might be getting more information coming out about it soon. You shouldn’t hold your breath though because nothing is confirmed about anything.

If there’s anything that can ruin an announcement, it’s misplaced hype, so make sure you keep your expectations in check and hope for the best. There’s a good chance this could end up being nothing, so keep that in mind as we wait out these next couple of days.

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