Jisela Delgado on Coral Smith Rivalry: ‘You’re a Coward’

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The Challenge: All Stars has brought a lot of veterans and legends of the show back to our screens and many of them have been happy to provide more context to their feuds and rivalries from past decades. Recently, in an Instagram Live with Nehemiah Clark, Jisela Delgado answered a question about her rivalry with Challenge champion Coral Smith.

Jisela has quickly become a fan favorite on All Stars after she had an excellent first episode and longtime fans might remember that she and Coral did not get along back in the day. Jisela explained that the bad blood between the two began when they were both on their original seasons on MTV which filmed at the same time, Jisela on Road Rules: The Quest and Coral on The Real World: Back to New York.

Jisela said Coral did a lot of closet confessionals about her, which she described as “whenever you trash talk in the closet, it’s because you’re a coward and you can’t talk to a person’s face.” She continued:

That’s what the beef with Coral is, is I feel like I could never trust her to not be a closet confessional. You know, I can never trust her to not tell me to my face. Like, okay, you have an opinion of me. What does that matter? Why are you watching what I’m doing? What is it about you?

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Jisela Said Coral Was ‘Slut Shaming’ Her Behind Her Back While Being Nice to Her Face

In her response to the fan’s question, Jisela explained that she first met Coral when her season of Road Rules was invited to the Real World house to party with them. She said, “they invited Road Rules cast members to come spend a week at their house and party with them… We were there to bring an element of excitement and fun, and [Coral] was talking trash about me.”

Jisela said she later learned that Coral came up with a nickname for her behind her back and it was a “great disrespect” but when the two appeared on Battle of the Seasons together, Coral was very sweet to her: “I felt very bamboozled about it.” Jisela added:

Last time I checked, you were all about the slutwalk. But you steady slut shaming. So help me understand that transition without an apology. I’m fine. Don’t get it twisted. I still live my best life and you won’t see that. Because Jisela don’t care for real. Like I’m still gonna be me.

Jisela Appeared on ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ & Quickly Became a Fan Favorite Following the 1st Episode

The 40-year-old reality TV star had her debut season on Road Rules: The Quest, where she was eventually voted out and replaced by Katie Cooley, then known by her maiden name Katie Doyle. She also appeared in a couple of episodes of Coral’s Real World season which filmed at the same time, The Real World: Back to New York.

After her original reality TV season, Jisela appeared on three seasons of The Challenge, Battle of the Seasons in 2002, Battle of the Sexes and The Gauntlet 2 in 2005. In her final appearance on the show before All Stars, Jisela volunteered to go into the gauntlet and lost against Ruthie Alcaide and TJ Lavin at the time accused Jisela of quitting.

In the aftershow The Challenge Aftermath, Jisela revealed how nervous she was to see TJ again on All Stars after that moment: “When me and TJ left off in The Gauntlet 2, he was like ‘you get out of my ring, you’re a quitter,’ so this time around I was like, I gotta show him from gates I’m here to play.”

The mother of two boys has been outspoken about the show and has been known not to hold back her opinions, recently telling off Olympian Lolo Jones after the Double Agents star said Challenge alums haven’t done much after their time on the show. Jisela clapped back:

Please don’t deflect your short comings onto challenge peeps. It’s poor sportsmanship. I’m really not sure how your agent even let you do the challenge. You risked it all for extreme sports the same show that your talking all this noise about. Leave my MTV family out your mouth.

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