Nick Jonas Opens Up About His Regrets

Nick Jonas Breaks Silence on ‘The Voice’ Exit, Replacement
Nick Jonas The Voice

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Singer and actor Nick Jonas is being replaced as a coach on “The Voice.”

Nick Jonas has one big regret, but it may not be what you think.

In the Jonas Brothers’ documentary, Chasing Happiness, released last year, the youngest JoBro shared that Jonas L.A. was his biggest regret.

In the doc, per Just Jared Jr., Jonas shared, “We shouldn’t have done that. It really stunted our growth, you know? I feel like it was just a bad move. It was not just the time. Literally, we couldn’t evolve because of it.”

Per the outlet, Joe seconded those notions, saying, “the show was not good.” He said of the show’s second season, “It didn’t feel like it was us anymore. It felt young, and we’re becoming adults.”

Kevin, as well, admitted that Jonas L.A. wasn’t “on brand” for the brothers. “It was not on brand for us, with the band we were becoming, the songs we were writing. I think that affected the perception of the band, that we were a joke. They’re not real. They’re robots.”

That being said, the boys seemed to highlight that the first season of the show was okay and that the second season was the one they regretted.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jonas the TV Show

Jonas, the Disney Channel Original Series, was filmed in September 2008. One year later, news surfaced that it was being picked up for a second season. It was canceled in November 2010. Along with the three brothers, Chelsea Kane and Nicole Anderson starred in the series.

Jonas was not shot in a multi-camera format.

Before appearing on Jonas, the Jonas Brothers had already appeared on Disney Channel. They guest-starred on the episode of Hannah Montana titled “Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas”. They also were part of the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, alongside Demi Lovato.

Nick Jonas on ‘The Voice’

Nick Jonas may regret his time on the Disney Channel, but will he regret his time on The Voice?

Given what Blake Shelton said, he just may…

When Shelton was speaking to Hollywood Outbreak, he joked that Jonas was a “horrible coach” because he didn’t win when he first appeared on the competition singing series.

Shelton joked, “Nick Jonas is a great guy, but he is a horrible coach… There’s a long history of coaches who join The Voice and they win the first season … Kelly [Clarkson] did it, John Legend did it, the list goes on and on.” He continued, “But Nick Jonas comes along and completely fumbles on the play, and he got beat. He got beat by me, but he still got beat.”

It’s also worth noting that Jonas replaced Shelton’s fiancee, Gwen Stefani, on the show. “He’s going down!” Shelton said, per Nicki Swift. “We’re gonna settle this on stage, coach to coach.”

This season, it’s anyone’s game. Will Shelton, Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, or John Legend take home the Season 20 trophy?

The Voice airs Mondays on NBC at 8 pm ET/PT.

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