Nathan Has Sharp Words for Elizabeth & Lucas in WCTH Sneak Peek

Nathan Has Sharp Words for Elizabeth & Lucas in WCTH Sneak Peek

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A sneak peek for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart reveals that Nathan isn’t holding back anymore when it comes to his feelings about Elizabeth and Lucas. Fans have mixed reactions about his new side.

This post has small spoilers for Season 8 Episode 8 of When Calls the Heart, in the form of a short sneak peek video. 

Nathan Has Sharp Words for Elizabeth & Tells Lucas to ‘Save It!’

ET Online shared the exclusive sneak peek, which you can watch at this link or in the embedded video below.

In the video, Elizabeth is seen approaching Nathan, wanting to talk about how Allie only invited her to attend the adoption ceremony. The scene which ended Episode 7 of Season 8 was very awkward when both Elizabeth and Nathan realized Allie’s plan for the first time.

“I’d like to discuss what happened the other day,” she says, as she approaches him on her horse.

“At the adoption ceremony,” Nathan responds.

“Yes, at the adoption ceremony,” she agrees. “I’m concerned about Allie.”

“I didn’t know that you were going to be the only one invited,” Nathan quickly explains. “And may I add that I was probably just as uncomfortable as you were.”

“Allie didn’t discuss with you who she would be inviting?”

“As a matter of fact she did,” Nathan said. “And out of all the names I saw on the list, yours wasn’t one of them.”

“Well now you’re just being hurtful,” she responds.

“Elizabeth, if that’s what you think of me, you don’t even know me,” he says curtly.

“Nathan, we’re talking about Allie.”

“Well, we’re gonna have to wait to discuss it. There’s been an escape at Grandville Penitentiary. Prisoner’s been spotted nearby.”

As he rides away, leaving Elizabeth looking upset, he passes Lucas who’s standing outside his saloon.

Lucas calls out, “Constable Grant.”

Nathan calls out, “Save it!” and just rides on.

Fans Have Mixed Reactions About the Scene

Fans are sharing mixed reactions about the scene online. Some say that Nathan was rude to Lucas considering that Lucas had just recently been so kind as to loan him money, and Lucas really hadn’t said anything mean to him. But others thought it was great that Nathan was standing up for himself. Besides, he really did have a big emergency to attend to, and it was nice that he stopped to talk to Elizabeth at all. Some have even taken up to using the hashtag #TeamSaveIt in support of Nathan’s reaction.

One Team Nathan fan wrote on Twitter: “I do want to say that I love the preview because it shows Nathan, who has been taking it on the chin a lot, finally ‘man up’ and stand up for himself confidently. nothing at all against anyone else. #Hearties #TeamSaveIt #Nathanstheman”

Another fan wrote: “My absolute favorite clip from the entire season!! Go Nathan!! #TeamSaveIt!!”

Team Lucas supporters had a different take. One fan wrote: “Lucas was SO respectful as was Elizabeth and then Nathan was flat out rude. He could have been civil and kind before he rode off to his job. #TeamLucas

As far as Elizabeth, some fans think that she should have just left Nathan alone if she’s not interested in him. Others thought that Nathan was rude to her.

One Team Lucas fan wrote: “He is not being respectful of Elizabeth at this moment and never was to Lucas. He’s got some character flaws for sure, another side of him shows. And is only go blow up with the stupid secret.”

One Team Nathan fan had a different take, writing: “I love this so much I can’t stop watching, Nathan finally standing up for himself and I love it. Mind your business Lucas just save it, and oh Elizabeth spare me this wasn’t my doing. Enough is Enough #teamnathan”

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