Comedian Bill Cosby is Denied Parole After Refusing Therapy

Comedian Bill Cosby is Denied Parole After Refusing Therapy

Bill Cosby is denied parole over his refusal to participate in a therapy program for sexually violent predators. The Pennsylvania Parole Board has rejected the request to be released from a 10-year prison sentence for aggravated shameful assault.

A spokeswoman for the state parole board, Laura Treaster, confirmed that this decision is made on May 11 and first reported on Thursday, May 27, by Nicole Weisensee Egan on her Facebook page.

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said that his client expected to be turned down. Wyatt said in a statement, “The news that Actor and Comedian Bill Cosby’s parole has been “denied” by the Pennslyvania State Parole Board is not a surprise to Mr. Cosby, his family, his friends and/or his legal team.”

“It was brought to our attention by Mr. Cosby that over the past months, members of the PA State Parole Board had met with him and empathically stated, ‘if he did not participate in SVP courses that his parole would be denied.’”

“Mr. Cosby has vehemently proclaimed his innocence and continues to deny all allegations made against him, as being false, without the sheer evidence of any proof,” the spokesman added.

Bill Cosby is Denied Parole, the Request Rejected

Bill Cosby, 83, would have become eligible for parole on September 25 after completing the three-year minimum term of his punishment. William Henry Cosby Jr. was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison.

He was charged as a sexually violent predator in September 2018 after being convicted earlier in that year of the rape of his former friend at Temple University, Andrea Constand, in 2004.

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