Can You Stay In Dick & Angel Strawbridge’s Chateau?

Can You Stay In Dick & Angel Strawbridge’s Chateau?


Château De La Motte Husson in “Escape to the Chateau.”

Since the show’s premiere in 2016 on Channel 4, fans of the British reality series “Escape to the Chateau” may have been curious if they can book a trip to the gorgeous Château de la Motte-Husson. The previously abandoned castle, located in Pays de la Loire, France, was purchased by Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel, just a year before their television show aired. 

Guests Have Been Able To Stay on the Strawbridges’ Property

Hello! Magazine reported that guests can “spend a night” inside the 45-room chateau for approximately $6,000 to $7,000. Visitors may also be interested in camping out in the geodesic domes on the castle’s property, with each night costing about $425. While this price may also be a bit steep, the domes on the Chateau’s glamping site have numerous amenities, like a kitchen, a “barbecue area,” and a complimentary breakfast. However, according to the Strawbridges’ website, the geodesic domes are currently unavailable for guests for undisclosed reasons. 

Since its remodel, Château de la Motte-Husson has also been the setting for many weddings. Unfortunately, for fans who hope to get hitched at the castle, which was originally built in 1874, the Strawbridges will not be taking any more reservations before 2022. During a joint 2019 interview with “The Morning,” Dick revealed that the couple only hosts “12 to 15” weddings per year on their property to ensure that they do not get overwhelmed. He asserted, however, that “it’s a privilege” and “a real honor” for people to choose their castle as the location of their wedding ceremonies.

The Strawbridges Have Been Open About Their Relationship 

During the interview with “The Morning,” the Strawbridges also discussed working with each other while being parents to their two young children, named Arthur and Dorothy. Dick explained that he and his wife are “driven by passion.” He stated that “it’s a really great way to go through life,” but it does lead to them having disagreements. 

“When we have an argument it’s great,” said Dick with a laugh. 

 Angel shared similar sentiments and agreed that they “are both passionate.” 

“We look after the kids together, we work together, we do everything together, we have a lot of passionate discussions,” said the mother-of-two. 

Dick then interrupted by saying that the term “passionate discussions” is Angel’s “code” for “an argument.” His wife ignored his interjection and stated that their disagreements have never deterred them from wanting to work together. 

According to Hello! Magazine, Angel shared similar sentiments about having a business with her husband of six years while speaking to Radio Times. The 43-year-old explained that the couple does “argue and [they] don’t ever hide that fact.” Dick noted, however, that they manage to stay level-headed when taking on difficult projects. 

“We don’t ever think it’s not going to happen. We’ve never at any time thought ‘This is going to fail,’” explained the 61-year-old.

Dick noted that he and his wife have persevered because they “are problem-solvers,” but admitted that they “have all the arguments about things.” He clarified, however, that “it’s never about whether or not [they] can solve a problem.”

“It’s about the solution we think is the best solution,” asserted Dick. 

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