Rapper Kid Rock’s Gay Slur in Response to Homophobia Backlash

Rapper Kid Rock's Gay Slur in Response to Homophobia Backlash

Amid fierce backlash over Kid Rock’s gay slur on June 5, the rapper has finally decided to address critics by repeating the same word that got him trouble in the first place.

The 50-year-old rapper publicly addressed the video of him using the epithet at a recent Tennessee performance last weekend by tweeting, “If Kid Rock using the word f***** offends you, good chance you are one.”

“Either way, I know he has a lot of love for his gay friends, and I will have a talk with him. Have a nice day,” Rock tweeted Wednesday. Several Twitter users were bothered by Rock’s tweet and reacted to his post.

Rock’s tweet comes days after he was filmed using homophobic epithets at fans for recording him during his show at FishLipz Bar & Grill in Smithville, Tennessee.

“F— your iPhone, yeah,” he said and then turned to the crowd at large and shouted. “You can post this. You can post this d— right now. F—ing f—s with your phones out.”

Back in 2019, the musician (real name Bob Ritchie) was removed from the stage during a show at the Honky Tonk bar for berating Joy Behar and Oprah Winfrey.

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Kid Rock’s Gay Slur Repeated in Bizarre Tweet

Kid Rock’s Gay Slur has been repeated in a bizarre tweet again, and it seems that the Collide rapper is proud of it.

The musician has been under fire since he was caught on camera using a homophobic slur while performing at a Tennessee bar over the weekend. He again repeated the word in a Tweet and attacked his critics.

“I am so confused right now. You used your real name to justify your stage persona’s bad behavior?” One user wrote on Twitter. “And trotting out the old Clanger, ‘some of his best friends are gay.’ Yes, I had to Google ‘Bob Ritchie.’ No, I’m not gay, just open-minded.”

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