YouTuber Kipsta’s Death Immediately Followed By Fans’ Reaction

YouTuber Kipsta's Death Immediately Followed By Fans' Reaction

Many are reacting to the young YouTuber Kipsta’s death news on social media after he passed away at the age of 18 following suffering from illness for years. May he rest in peace.

He was becoming a well-known YouTuber by sharing some videos of his experiences in the hospital, but his illness did not let him take a chance for becoming famous and caused his death in June 2021.

According to his videos, YouTuber Kipsta was interested in Football and its related subjects; his first videos, before starting to share his journey in the hospital, were more about sport!

In his first Youtube video about his hospitalization, he says, ” About my journey and how this happened, and what’s wrong with me and whatnot, so basically, if you don’t know, I have heart failure it’s my heart is weak.”

Kipsta then came to continue, “This can’t get better, unfortunately. You know there’s always hope but this can’t get better. Som I’m basically waiting for heart transplantation. They give them to wait for a donor to give me a new heart and we go from there. I got here in this hospital.”

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YouTuber Kipsta’s Death Cause was Heart Failure

Although there is no statement from his family, it seems the longtime illness finally became YouTuber Kipsta’s death cause.

A Twitter user, RiZzy, first released the heartbreaking news, writing, “Kipsta was genuinely one of the nicest and most inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to. He was always positive even in the face of unimaginable suffering and inspired all of us with his journey and strength.”

Soon after his tweet, many of YouTuber Kipsta’s fans kicked off to react to the tragic death news. Someone said, “i dont think if i was in his position id have had the strength to be on twitter, make youtube videos and interact with hundreds on social media. such a strong person. a true inspiration. may he be granted the highest rank in Jannah, Aameen.”

Another tweeted, “I don’t know this guy personally but I have been praying for his family from Indonesia. It’s so sad. I have been following him and his posts it’s so sad I pray he’s family a strong heart to carry this heavy loss.”

Also, his friends and fans expressed their sadness on his YouTube Channel, commenting under his last video.

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