Is Uma Thurman Dating Justin B. Smith? Rumors Around The Pair

Is Uma Thurman Dating Justin B. Smith? Rumors Around The Pair

Is Uma Thurman dating someone? And if so, Who is she dating? Rumors generally have grown around the recent news; But what is the NEWS?

It is believed that the ‘Kill Bill’ star is on a romance story with Smith. It came out in a New York Times article, reported that Uma was at Justin’s house, at his party.

Is Uma Thurman Dating Justin B. Smith? Rumors Around The Pair

The house and of course the party was located in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington D.C. It was stated in the article that she is dating Mr. Smith.

Noted, Justin Smith has known as the 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media. He also used to be the former president of Atlantic Media.

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Uma Thurman dating Justin B. Smith, A News Lover

It is said that Uma Thurman has found love and it is said that she is dating Justin b. Smith. The news is been confirmed by both sides.

The pair announced and confirmed the news in a New York Times article that was focused mostly on a bash at Justin’s house.

Later on, the Batman and Robin actress came out to the public and spoke up to the reporters. She expressed herself by quoting: “I’m a news lover.”

Should be mentioned that over the past years, our actress has been linked to her past relationships which will be mentioned, so stay with us.

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Uma Thurman’s Past Relationships

The beloved actress was married to Gary Oldman. Their marriage ended back in 1992 and got married again in 1998.

She became Ethan Hawke’s wife in 1998 and got separated in 2005. They have a 22-year-old daughter Maya and a 19-year-old son named Levon.

Besides all of these, Uma was in a relationship with an architect named Peter Sabbeth and a businessman André Balazs.

Need to be mentioned that she is also a mother to an eight-year-old daughter named Luna, with her former fiancé Arpad Busson.

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