Many Ask Is Josh Dugger Dead or Alive after Social Media Rumors

Many Ask Is Josh Dugger Dead or Alive after Social Media Rumors

Fans were widely asking “is Josh Dugger dead or alive?” after a social media rumor announced that the American former reality TV personality, political activist, and accused sex offender passed away.

An Instagram post, showing a mugshot of Josh Duggar along with the caption #RIP kicked off all these rumors; the post caused worried supporters of the former reality star to go to Google, asking whether or not Josh Duggar was dead.

Josh Duggar has been away from the attention for years and details about his personal life have been limited since he involved in a big scandal of child p*********y and s****l abuse allegations.

Reports about Josh had molested five girls between 2002 and 2003, not to mention his membership in the Ashley Madison website, led to the cancellation of his family’s reality show titled “19 Kids and Counting” on July 16, 2015.

Duggar was freed from the Washington County prison in Fayetteville, Ark., on May 6, 2021. His request to postpone the trial (which was set to start on July 6, 2021) was accepted by U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks. Although so, should we trust the latest rumor about his passing?

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Is Josh Dugger Dead or Just a Hoax?

It was later learned that the death speculations are incorrect. Upon checking the hashtag #RIP on Instagram, it was found out that avid fans of Josh Duggar used the hashtag to bid their farewell to “Counting On” after TLC announced its cancellation.

Though the reality show is technically “dead” since its production was stopped, Josh Duggar, who is one of its mainstays, is alive and kicking. The death rumors raised concerns among fans with some expressing disgust to those who started the wrongful report.

Others, however, shared that they do not care about Josh at all. His critics, on the other hand, said that the former reality star just got what he deserves.

Several gossip websites published obituaries after the news about Duggar’s arrest came out — but Duggar is still very much alive.

“I know you shouldn’t wish death on people, but I hope Josh Duggar dies a slow, painful, torturous death,” wrote

In an effort to further debunk reports that Josh Duggar is dead, we took another look at the hashtag too. #RIP. Some Duggar fans noted the #RIP hashtag could just be fans saying goodbye to the TLC series Counting On. After all, the network just recently made the decision to cancel the series. So, in a way, that means the series itself is dead. And, many people blame Josh Duggar for being the reason TLC pulled the plug. So, his picture with the hashtag #RIP to say goodbye to the series makes sense.

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