Jean-Pierre Guy Gillain Wikipedia: All About The Actor Known Popularly As J.P. Gillain

Who is Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian? Actor Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian aka J.P Gillian’s bio is not added to the Wikipedia page. 

Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian is a professional German actor and singer.

He is widely known for his outstanding acting performances and soothing voice.

J.P. is noted for his works in ‘Samantha Who?’, ‘Chiang,’ and ‘The Event.’ Recently, he was seen onscreen as Ulrich from ‘Willie and Me.’

Jean-Pierre Guy Gillain Wikipedia Bio

Although Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian does not have Wikipedia, his bio is found on IMDb.

He was born in Cologne, Germany, but he moved to Belgium at the age of 3. While he was 16, he took jazz lessons and took part in high school musicals.

Gillian also auditioned as a dancer for Plan K in Brussels and got selected. Moreover, he was offered a scholarship by the University of Southern Carolina.

J.P. held the opportunity and graduated with a cum laude in Bachelors. Initially, he started shooting for commercials. However, he debuted in the T.V. world in 2007.

Gillian voiced the short movie, ‘Sarcelles.’ After that, she featured in ‘Animal Life,’ ‘You and me,’ ‘Bottle Shock,’ and so on. As of now, he is still working in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian Wife Zoe McLellan? Their Son  

Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian was married to actress Zoe McLellan from 2012 to 2016.

Zoe is also an actress by profession. She is known for her roles in ‘NCIS: New Orleans,’ ‘JAG,’ and ‘Dirty Sexy Money.’

At the present time, they are divorced and are in the custody war of their son, Sebastian. She deprived Jean of meeting their son since 2017.

As per Sportskeeda, Zoe is also accused of kidnapping and child custody deprivation. Moreover, an arrest warrant has been issued in her name outside L.A County.

In 2020, J.P Gillian was accused of sexually abusing three years old boy starting in 2015. Later on, the charges were dropped because of insufficient evidence.

This can probably be the reason why Zoe does not want Gillian to meet Sebastian.

Before McLellan, J.P was legally wedded to another woman named Aura Lee. Lee is also a choir singer and a stage actress.

Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian Parents And Family Details

Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian was raised in a beautiful family of six.

He had loving parents: Ferdinand Gillian and Arlette Springael. Since Ferdinand was an army officer, it can be assumed that he was raised in a strict and disciplined household.

Jean’s mother, Arlette, was a housemaker. Besides them, he has three siblings whose identities are not exposed to the media.

What Is Jean-Pierre Guy Gillain Net Worth?

We have no access to Jean-Pierre Guy Gillian’s net worth details.

Without any doubt, he lives a comfortable life and has an excellent fortune. He should have made a decent sum from his more than a decade-long career.

On the contrary, his estranged wife, Zoe, has a net worth of $5 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.