Jeffery Apprill: Boulder Man Arrested in Mother’s Death

Boulder County Sheriff

Jeffrey Apprill in his mugshot.

Jeffery Apprill was arrested and charged in the death of his mother, Karen Apprill, who was found dead in her Colorado home about seven to 10 months after she died, according to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeffery Apprill, 55, was booked into the Boulder County Jail Wednesday, July 13, 2021 and faces charges related to tampering with a corpse, concealing a death and neglect of an at-risk person, according to his jail records. The investigation into the death of 78-year-old Karen Apprill began last year when law enforcement was called to her home for a welfare check, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Deputies entered the home in an unincorporated part of Boulder County and found her body badly decomposed on August 28, 2020, the sheriff’s office said.

“Detectives obtained a search warrant for the home and based upon initial observations it was believed the individual, later identified as Karen Apprill, had died seven to ten months prior to the discovery,” said the statement.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jeffery Apprill Is Accused of Injuring His Elderly Mother Before & After Her Death

The Boulder County Sheriff’s office alleges that Jeffery Apprill abused his mom and caused injuries after her death, according to their statement. An autopsy was not able to determine

Here is his jail record:

jeffrey apprill

Boulder County JailJeffery Apprill’s booking information.

He is charged with Tampering with a Deceased Human Body, a class three felony, Criminal Exploitation of an At Risk Person (more than $500), a class three felony, At Risk Negligence Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury, a class five felony, Caretaker Neglect Against an At-Risk Person, a class one misdemeanor, and Concealing a Death, a class one misdemeanor, the statement said.