Matt Roloff Reveals ‘Serious Medical Challenges’ Ahead


“Little People, Big World” star Matt Roloff asked his followers to send his family prayers.

“Little People, Big World” star Matt Roloff asked his followers to send his family prayers in an Instagram post on July 16. The TLC star revealed his parents — Peggy and Ron Roloff — are battling health issues and said it’s a “scary moment” for their family.

“It’s truly a scary moment in life when you find out your parents are needing all the prayers they deserve,” Matt Roloff, 59, wrote. “My mom just 79yr ((Huny) and my dad 82 yrs (papa) are going thru some serious medical challenges.”

“Mom needs more physical therapy after a bad fall. And dad needs serious chemo treatment for CLL blood cancer,” he said. “Please wish them both speedy recoveries and lots of prayers for the Lord’s healing hand to touch them and continue to keep their unbelievable grace and unshakable spirits alive and well… they will endure!”

Matt Roloff is leaving his home in Oregon to be with his ailing parents in California. He didn’t reveal if his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, would be coming with him.

“Roloff family is humbly requesting your prayers for miracles and speedy recoveries,” the “Little People, Big World” star wrote. “We all have a lot more living to do. Gotta get my folks down to warm sunny Arizona so they can spend more years playing in the pool. Blessings to you all and I love you mom & dad.”

Matt Roloff Is Taking a Break From Building

In order to be with his parents, Matt Roloff said he would be taking a break from building the structure for his ex-wife’s wedding.

Even though she didn’t originally want to get married at Roloff Farms, Amy Roloff agreed to have her wedding with Chris Marek on the same property where she raised her family.

Matt Roloff agreed to have the wedding at Roloff Farms and is building a venue for his first wife’s second marriage. With the wedding slated to take place on August 28, there’s a little more than a month to complete the structure.

Matt Roloff posted a picture via Instagram on July 17 that showed the progress of the structure and then a second picture that showed him on a plane.

“Putting a brief pause on this.. to do this…. And check up on papa n huny,” he wrote.

“Still thinking we can get this structure completed in time for Amy and Chris to use at their big upcoming wedding,” the TLC personality said. “I have the very best possible crew working on it. But taking time to check on folks resets all priorities!”

The ex-couple has four children together: twins Jeremy and Zach, 31, daughter Molly, 27, and son Jacob, 24.

Matt & Amy Roloff Are Working on Their Relationship as Exes

Things between Matt and Amy Roloff have been a little tense since their 2016 divorce, but the Roloff matriarch said things between them are starting to get easier.

“When I come to the farm now and when I meet with Matt, I mean, it’s getting easier, but I think I’ll probably always be guarded and I think that is just, you know, 25 years of history,” Amy Roloff said in a preview of the July 20 episode of “Little People, Big World,” obtained by People.

In an exclusive interview, the Roloff patriarch told People he was looking forward to hosting his ex’s wedding. “I’m excited to host Amy’s wedding and excited for her and for Chris,” he said.

“I still feel it’s a little weird — being on my ex’s property now,” Amy Roloff added. “But I’m appreciative that we were able to make it work and happen.”

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