Whitney Thore Calls Out Commenters After Bikini Pic Post


“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore called out some people who commented under her recent Instagram post that showed her in a bikini.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore called out some people who commented under her recent Instagram post that showed her in a bikini on July 15. The TLC personality has been enjoying a “sabbatical” in Paris for the summer and recently introduced her new beau, a Frenchmen whose identity she has kept secret.

Thore, 37, shared a picture of herself in an orange two-piece. She smiled in the photo and lifted one of her hands to her face. While Thore looks happy in the image, responders were worried about her weight. Thore took screenshots of their comments and plastered them on top of her bikini photo.

“You still haven’t lost any weight, huh?” one of the messages said.

“Girl u lost weight! Looking good,” another read.

Thore was displeased by the speculation about her size. “This — on everything I post, always. So tired of it, exhausted by it, annoyed with it,” she wrote as the caption. “Can we please find something else to talk about? Suggest good topics in the comments.”

The post amassed 37,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

Steph Langnas, an actress who appeared in “Buckshot,” said they could talk about “literally anything else.” She offered several suggestions, telling people they could discuss cheese, puzzles, and bubblegum. “Ly people are strange,” she added.

In her previous post, Thore shared multiple photos from an impromptu body-positive pool party she threw with “fun French fat femmes!” People like French body-positive activist Gaëlle Prudencio attended the event. Viewers might remember her from season seven. Prudencio did a dance video with Thore and her friends, though former business partner Ryan Andreas was not thrilled about participating.

Thore Is In a New Relationship

While Thore was heartbroken over her split from ex-fiance Chase Severino, the TLC personality has moved on with a new person. For now, she is keeping his name and likeness under wraps, telling her fans that her new beau favors privacy.

“I’ve always had a sorta love/mostly hate relationship with social media, but after the last year, it’s grown even more complicated,” she wrote on July 22. “So — when your French man says he values his privacy but you still wanna share him, this is what social media gets.”

Many fans were thrilled for Thore and congratulated her on the new relationship.

“You had me at French man! But truly Whitney – you gonna play us like that,” actor and social media influencer Jake Mossop wrote. “I mean I love a good tease! But come on 👀👀👀 show us the goods! 😅🥰🤩 luv ya!”

Thore Previously Slammed Comments About Her Appearance

It’s not the first time Thore has asked her Instagram followers to abstain from talking about her looks. In a post from July 2, Thore revealed she didn’t “need unsolicited opinions about her appearance on the internet or in life.”

This update was related to Thore getting lip fillers.

“Y’all are so kind and complimentary to me all the time and I appreciate that, but I don’t need anyone to tell me I look better without lip fillers,” she said. “I’m obsessed with them.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss season eight of “My Big Fat Fabulous” life when it airs on August 17 on TLC.

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