Chris Chan Did What?? Here’s Why Chris Chan Is Trending On Twitter

“Chris Chan Did What!” is currently trending on Twitter 2021 and it is because the Sonichu creator admitted to having raped her own mom.

Chris Chan, age 39, is a controversial social media personality known for her Sonichu web series. 

The Sonichu creator, Chris Chan originally identified as a male, but later came out as a transgender woman.

In 2016, she changed her name to Christine. Also, she legally changed her gender and came out as bisexual. 

Furthermore, Chan started releasing her Sonichu web series in March 2000. She wanted to create a character that would be a combination of Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. 

However, Sonichu gained attention after Encyclopedia Dramatica mocked Chan for the presentation of women in the comic. 

Chan was called out for ridiculing women and creating homophobic content. But, she has not stopped creating content despite the criticisms and negative comments. 

“Chris Chan Did What!” Twitter Trending 2021 Explained

On July 30, 2021, “Chris Chan Did What” trended on Twitter. This elicited a curiosity among many who, undoubtedly, looked up online to know what Chan did this time. 

According to many outlets, Chris Chan allegedly raped his mother, who is 80 years old currently and is suffering from dementia. 

Audio and screenshots of some chats surfaced online, where Chris admits to raping his mother. 

Following the viral content, people are outraged and are publically disparaging Chan. Twitter is flooded with criticisms and rebukes for the social media personality. 

Some expressed their disbelief that someone would do this to their own mother, considering Chan is now identified as a transgender woman. 

Is Chris Chan Arrested? Comic Creator CwcvillGaurdian Admits To Rape Mom

Yes, according to a Twitter thread, Chris Chan is arrested and detained in protective custody under Virginia Court. 

The Green Country Police reportedly paid a visit to Chan’s residence after the assault rumor spread on social media. 

Chan’s mother, Barbara Anne Wiston, has made several appearances in her videos. She also showed off her blanket collection in one of Chan’s videos. 

Information surfaced that Barbara is at the hospital for a senior care inspection and Chan is removed from her residence. 

Chan shared multiple pictures of her mother on Facebook on the occasion of Mother’s Day. In the caption, Chan acknowledged her mother’s sacrifices and expressed her love for her. 

Chris Chan Mom Texts And Reddit

On Reddit, a user shared a YouTube video containing the alleged audio and text snippets where Chris Chan admitted she raped her mother. 

Needless to say, the news disgusted many as it is certainly a heinous act. An intense discussion took place on Reddit where netizens questioned if Chan raped or had sexual intercourse with her mother. 

As her mother has dementia, she cannot possibly give consent. So, netizens argued it’s certainly rape. 

One user even commented they are having a mental breakdown because of the news and are questioning reality. 

If the alleged charge is proved accurate, Chan faces a Class 1 Misdemeanor with penalties up to a $2,500 fine and one year in jail.

On the other hand, Virginia County Law can identify the alleged assault as a class 5 felony. This mean she can face up to ten years in prison.