After a Covid Positive Test: was Joe Rogan Vaccinated or Not?

After a Covid positive test, people wonder “was Joe Rogan vaccinated or not?” The mega-popular podcast host tested positive for the Coronavirus but is feeling fine thanks to medical treatments.

He had suggested that young, fit people don’t need to get the Covid19 vaccine. However, he said he felt “very weary” on Saturday, August 28, and got tested for Covid19 the following day. In an Instagram video, Joe told his 13.1 million followers: “Throughout the night I got fevers, sweats, and I knew what was going on.”

Comedian Joe Rogan has COVID-19
Comedian Joe Rogan has tested positive for coronavirus

Rogan said he takes a drug the FDA urges people not to use. That includes taking Ivermectin, a deworming veterinary drug that is formed to be used in cows and horses.

He said on Wednesday, September 1: “Here we are on Wednesday, and I feel great.”

While a version of the drug is sometimes directed to people for head lice or skin conditions, the version for animal use is more concentrated. The Food and Drug Administration has urged people to stop ingesting the animal version of the drug to battle with Covid19, warning it has side effects and may cause nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, neurologic disorders, and potentially severe hepatitis necessitating hospitalization.

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Did Joe Rogan Get Vaccinated?

Following a positive Covid test, people wonder “did Joe Rogan get vaccinated” after he had suggested that young, fit people don’t need to get the Covid19 vaccine.

Joe Rogan hasn’t publicly shared if he has been vaccinated, but he had suggested young, healthy people don’t need a Covid19 vaccine.

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Rogan revealed that he threw “all kinds of meds” at the situation despite public health agencies don’t recommend the drug for treating Covid19; “monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-pak, prednisone, everything.”

Joe has previously questioned the use of masks and promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine on his show as a Covid19 remedy and has regularly encouraged guests to discuss the use of vitamin D in helping to reduce Covid19 symptoms. 

The FDA warned that large doses of the drug are “dangerous and can cause serious harm.” Ivermectin blocks some viruses from affecting cells so prevents the virus from spreading.

The FDA has also advised not to use ivermectin made for animals for the human since the doses remade for the human.

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