Vanderpump Rules’ Stassi Schroeder Mom-Shamed For Piercing Baby Daughter’s Ears


Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder responded to critics after she recalled a “controversial” parenting decision. The former “Vanderpump Rules” star revealed that she has already taken her daughter, Hartford Charlie Rose Clark, to get her ears pierced.

Schroeder, 33, shared an Instagram photo of her eight-month-old wearing stud earrings. The “Next Level Basic” author captioned the pic to reveal that she had the procedure done a couple of weeks ago but wanted to see how her baby “reacted and dealt with it” before talking to fans about it.

“Moral of the story: It traumatized me, not her,” Schroeder wrote. “But I’m still 100% happy with my decision.”

Schroeder’s Post Sparked a Debate About Ear Piercing

Schroeder’s photo garnered a huge reaction from followers on her The Good, The Bad, The Baby Instagram page. While some defended the former Bravo star for her decision and pointed out that baby ear piercing is a tradition in many cultures, others felt that it was inappropriate for her to make such a decision for her young baby.

“My kid my choice … what crazy world are we living in. Give kid choice,” one follower wrote.

“Sorry but it’s her body and should be her decision when she’s able to make it for herself,” another wrote of baby Hartford. “Earrings do not make babies more beautiful… she’s adorable just as she is.”

“That takes away her choice” another added. “She should be allowed to make her own decisions when she understands what they are.”

Schroeder replied to her critics with, “I totally understand that. It’s an excellent point that I thought about a lot beforehand. Personally, this was the best decision for me as a mom. I was so thankful my mom pierced my ears as a baby and I wanted to do the same for mine.”

“Just because she won’t remember the pain doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt her during the piercing or the healing,” another follower wrote. “Poor baby. Totally unnecessary for vanity reasons.”

“I don’t see a point.” another told Schroeder. “Why are you doing it, for beauty? For you … so what she doesn’t want to later on it just is ridiculous cause you do it for you not her.”

Schroeder fired back to explain, “If you listen to my podcast, you know that’s not the reason at all. I was so thankful my mom did it for me as a baby, so that I didn’t have to go through the fear of having it done as a kid. I wanted to do that for Hartford.”

Schroeder is not the only “Vanderpump Rules” mom who has talked about baby ear piercing. Scheana Shay, who welcomed her daughter, Summer Moon Honey Davies, in April, previously revealed on her “Scheananigans With Scheana Shay” podcast that she would be piercing her baby’s ears with earrings designed by a celebrity jeweler.

“Kyle Chan has already offered to make her first diamond earrings, and her birthstone is gonna be a diamond,” Shay said last fall when she was still pregnant. “And yes, I’m piercing my daughter’s ears when she’s a baby. Go ahead and judge me.”

The Vanderpump Rules Stars Were Mom-Shamed Even Before They Were Moms

During their pregnancies, several of the “Vanderpump Rules’ alums were mom-shamed.

Shay previously fired back at critics on her social media page after they criticized her for buying “too many diapers” ahead of her child’s birth, and slammed her for wearing a belly ring during her pregnancy.

“I bought too many diapers, I got too many of this,” Shay said in her story, according to Hollywood Life.  “I mean, geez, I still have three months to go… I can’t imagine what’s to come when I have the baby…  to all the ‘Take your belly button ring out, it’s going to rip, it’s going to stretch, don’t clean cat litter’ y’all….you don’t think I know that I’m not supposed to clean cat litter? That’s what I got a Litter-Robot for.”

Shay told her critics, “Just stop.”

Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Brittany Cartwright dealt with hateful social media comments about her pregnancy weight gain when she was carrying her son, Cruz Michael Cauchi. According to Us Weekly, after an Instagram user criticized her “belly button skin,” Cartwright fired back to defend pregnant women and their bodies.

“Millions of women have stretch marks like me, and we should be proud,” Cartwright wrote on her story. “Comments like these are part of the reason we get so ashamed when we should be feeling beautiful! It’s so disgusting people think it’s OK to comment things like this.”

And Lala Kent also addressed the mom-shaming that comes around the decision to breastfeed her daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett.

“So many people asked me if I was going to breastfeed,” Kent told fans on Instagram. “I thought this was a strange question because it’s not that simple. I know many women who struggled- whether the baby didn’t latch, milk wasn’t coming in, or it just wasn’t for them.”

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