‘Big Brother 23’ Showmance? Houseguests Caught Cuddling


Two houseguests were seen getting very intimate on the live feeds.

If you thought that Christian and Alyssa would be the only “Big Brother 23” showmance, think again. Two houseguests were seen getting pretty cozy on the live feeds this weekend.

Tiffany is Head of Household at the moment which means she gets the big comfy HOH bed all to herself. However, she chose to share her accommodations with another houseguest last night. On the live feeds, Tiffany and Kyland could be seen spooning and holding hands. Some fans even think they saw some questionable movement happening under the covers.

Could this be the beginning of a budding showmance? It seems unlikely. Kyland and Tiffany have gotten on each other’s nerves at various points throughout the game. Although they technically have a final two deal, Tiffany has said that she actually plans to take Hannah to the final two. Tiffany also didn’t trust Kyland enough to drop out of this week’s HOH competition.

Perhaps this surprising cuddle session is a “keep your enemies closer” situation.

Kyland and Tiffany Big Brother

Kyland and Tiffany spooning in the HOH bed.

Tiffany Wants Hannah and Derek X. to Get Together

On the live feeds, Tiffany and Claire were heard discussing Hannah and Derek X.’s bond. Tiffany is very close with both Hannah and Derek X. and told Claire she’d love to see them get together outside of the house.

“In my heart, I would love a Derek and Chadda (Hannah) connection…it warms me, it makes me smile, it brings me so much joy…they are so cute,” said Tiffany.

During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Derek X. was coy about whether he and Hannah might explore a romantic relationship outside the house. He simply told Julie to “expect the unexpected.”

Will Christian and Alyssa Stay Together?

The most solid showmance of the season, Christian and Alyssa, were separated in week 5 when Christian was backdoored. Outside the house, Christian is supportive of Alyssa via social media and seems eager to continue fostering their connection after the show.

In his exit interview with Heavy, Christian said that that his feelings for Alyssa are the real deal. “She’s someone I really can see myself being with forever. Since I’ve left the house, I’ll be honest, she has been the only thing on my mind,” he said.

After Alyssa was eliminated second during this week’s HOH endurance competition, she felt like she might’ve embarrassed Christian, who was known for being a comp beast in the house. Christian retweeted a post about it, writing “it’s so sad. I hope she doesn’t actually think she embarrassed me.”

Alyssa gave Christian a shout-out after casting her live vote to evict Sarah Beth this week.

Alyssa and Hannah Have a Final Two Deal

Although Hannah is obviously loyal to The Cookout, she also made a final two deal with Alyssa this weekend. It’s not a bad game move, in case Alyssa wins the next HOH competition.

They named themselves “the sloppy seconds,” referring to the fact that they are each other’s second choice of a duo, since their first choices, Derek X. and Christian, are out of the game.

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