Brendan Morais Loses More Than 70K Instagram Followers in 2 Days


Brendan Morais.

Brendan Morais’ “Bachelor in Paradise” plan appears to have backfired. The reality star, who became a fan favorite on Tayshia Adams’ season of “The Bachelorette,” has lost a whopping 70,000 Instagram followers in two days after he became the newest franchise villain.

Morais inked a deal to join the “BiP” cast for its 2021 season just months after saying he wouldn’t return to another franchise show.

“I didn’t accept this amazing opportunity to be the Bachelor or to go on ‘Paradise.’ As I sit here, I don’t think I’ll ever do this again. As amazing as this was and as grateful as I am for this experience, I was like … I’m going to see if this will work for me. And by the grace of God, Tayshia came along. Obviously, it played out as it did. Not the happiest of endings for me. But I’m not here to be the Bachelor,” Morais told Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin on “The Bachelor: Happy Hour” podcast back in January.

A couple of months later, Brendan was spotted out and about with Pieper James, who was first introduced to Bachelor Nation on Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.” According to Us Weekly, the two started dating before “Paradise” started filming — but they both agreed to join the new season nonetheless, leaving many with one question: Why?

As previously reported by Heavy, the couple has been accused of “clout chasing,” agreeing to go on the show to up their Instagram followings — but that worked against them.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brendan Has Lost More Than 70K Followers & Natasha Parker Has Surpassed His Follower Count

While Brendan and Pieper openly discussed their Instagram following on “Bachelor in Paradise,” it seems that their plans haven’t played out the way that they had hoped.

Throughout the season, fans have watched Brendan make connections with Demi Burnett and Natasha Parker, but it seems those were just for show; despite Brendan really getting along with Natasha — or seeming to — he dumped her the moment that Pieper walked onto the beach.

Fans were outraged by this, realizing that Brendan did what he had to do to stay in Mexico until Pieper arrived. Before Monday’s episode of “Paradise” aired, Brendan had nearly 400,000 Instagram followers. As of this writing, he’s down to 279,000.

Meanwhile, Natasha’s Instagram following has soared. She has surpassed Brendan and has nearly 300,000 followers as of September 8, 2021.

Pieper Seems to Be Getting Less Attention in This Drama

Although Pieper and Brendan may have devised a “Paradise” plan together, fans of the show don’t seem as concerned with her at this point. This could have to do with the fact that she didn’t actually lie to anyone, nor did she lead anyone on. She simply arrived on the beach and asked Brendan out on a date.

Pieper was, however, not very nice to Natasha, and seemed to have an attitude, despite being the reason that others in “Paradise” were so upset. This seems to be the consensus on Reddit, where fans have mostly agreed that Brendan is the ultimate bad guy in all of this. There seems to be less concern with watching Pieper’s Instagram following drop.

“Pieper has like 6 followers. Also, she’s just as much a part of the plot as [Brendan], but he was such a dick to Natasha,” one Redditor commented on a thread about the follower counts.

“She just doesn’t have that many followers to begin with and there’s speculation that she’s buying them to keep her numbers steady,” added another.

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