Logan Dorn: Beach Video Leads to Colorado Man’s Firing


Logan Dorn was fired after a video of him confronting women for wearing bikinis at a beach went viral on TikTok.

Logan Dorn is a Colorado man who has been fired from his construction job after a video of him confronting women for wearing bikinis at a beach went viral on TikTok. One of the women recorded Dorn on her phone as she and the other bikini-clad beachgoers accused him of harassing them and mocked him for his behavior. The 27-year-old Dorn later defended himself in his own series of TikTok videos after he went viral.

In the original video, posted on TikTok by one of the women, 18-year-old Mia, Dorn, who identified himself as a Christian, can be heard telling Mia and her friends, “Take young eyes into consideration. They don’t need to see pornography right in front of them. You’re flaunting your stuff. … If men of God don’t stand up, then our society’s gonna go down the drain because there’s no morality.”

Dorn’s employer, Mighty Hand Construction, was bombarded with comments about Dorn. On September 9, 2021, the Fort Collins company wrote on Facebook, “Today information was brought to our attention that one of our employees, Logan Dorn, was accused of harassing a group of individuals over the weekend in Northern Colorado. We began an investigation this morning which has resulted in the immediate termination of Mr. Dorn.” Dorn could not be reached by Heavy for comment about his firing.

The company added, “Mighty Hand Construction does not condone Logan’s behavior in the videos, nor do his actions reflect our values as a company. Mighty Hand strives to be a place of business where all are treated with utmost respect and acceptance, and actions by our employees which go against those values will not be tolerated.”

Here’s what you need to know about Logan Van Dorn and the viral video:

In the Videos, the Women Tell Dorn to ‘Gouge Your Eyes Out’ if He Can’t Look Away From Women in Bikinis

Mia posted a series of videos on her TikTok account, @ggarbagefairy showing the encounter she and her friends had with Logan Dorn at a lakeside beach. The videos have been viewed millions of times. Mia said she in a follow-up video that she and her friends, who are all about 18, were confronted by Dorn without provocation. The video begins with Dorn, off camera, asking them, “Why do you dress this way?”

One of the friends says, “I’m hot and I like women. So please leave us alone. … I’m at the beach in my bathing suit.” Dorn then says, “That’s a thong and that’s a bra.” The women responds, “That’s a f***** bathing suit.” He then tells them to take “young eyes” into consideration with what they were to the beach, comparing their swimsuits to pornography.

One of the women then says, “We’re not coming up to you bothering you. Please go away.” She then says, “I’m not flaunting anything. Don’t look at me.” He then tells her, “You look around and you’re the only thing that sticks out because your whole body is showing.” One of the women can be heard saying, “Get the f*** away Go. Did I ask you to talk to me?” Another tells him, “Close your eyes … Gouge your eyes out if I f***** bother you.”

Dorn tells them, “There’s free will in America. There’s freedom of speech.” The women then laugh at him and continue telling him to go away. When one tells him she is an atheist, he responds, “That doesn’t mean you have to show your body off. You can still put clothes on.” One of the women then laughs and says, “I can’t with you. … You’re so embarrassing.”

He tells them, “I’m speaking truth. Your body will never, ever satisfy. … There’s a longing in each of your hearts. … The reason why you’re showing your body is because, ‘Am I pretty enough’?” One of the. women responds, “We are definitely pretty enough.”

When the group asks him what he considers to be a bathing suit, he responds, “A one piece,” to laughter, “Or a two-piece … something like this that’s actually modest,” he said pointing out another woman. “You don’t need to be showing your body to young eyes.” The women then tell him to leave him alone.

Dorn then tells them, “There’s going to come a day that you’re going to come face to face with God.” The women laugh and one says, “Thou shall not judge … If you find someone’s body distracting then gauge your f***** eyes out.”

Before the video ends another woman comes up to confront the group of friends, telling them she does not like the way they are behaving in front of children. She adds, “It does matter what you guys wear. Not because of what he says, but because you need to value yourself. If you’re valuing yourself, that’s the important thing.”

In another video, Mia and her friend, Maddie, identified Dorn as the man they said harrassed them. Maddie said, “We should have thrown sand at him. So sorry, but we didn’t think about it.”

Mia said there were nine people there. “He came up to us unprovoked. His child wasn’t looking at us. She seemed confused the whole time and the woman who was with him is not his wife, it’s his fiancee, and they have a child.” Maddie added, “A child out of wedlock. This godly man, two kids.” Maddie said the fiancee wouldn’t look at them or speak. “Save the wife, fiancee actually” Maddie said.

Maddie added about the woman who confronted them at the end, “The polka-dot lady, Mrs. Minnie Mouse. She lied to us. She said that there were men taking pictures of us. There weren’t. She was trying to scare us and it was really weird.” Mia said the other woman was trying to justify Dorn coming up to them and asking them to cover up. “She just wanted to shame us,” Mia said.

Logan Van Dorn Responded by Saying He Won’t Apologize, Saying He Spoke Out in ‘Righteous Anger,’ Claiming That He Was Once Addicted to Pornography

On his TikTok account, Logan Dorn, whose username is @loganvandorn (his middle name is Van), responded to the viral attention. He titled the video, “My side of the story of a video going viral about me. the Truth will set you free.” He said he had been accused of harassing and berating women.

Dorn said, “I was at a reservoir, or a lake, and I was with family members of all different ages, you know from my age down to college age all the way down to a 9-year-old boy, to a 6-year-old boy, a 4-year-old girl and a 2-year-old girl. I had just come off the water from paddleboarding. And someone in my family said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to move, there’s some college-aged women here that are showing too much and I don’t want my son or my daughters to see these things.’ And so right then and there I just had a. righteous anger come over me and also just a boldness by the Holy Spirit to go and confront these ladies and to speak truth that ‘Hey, what you’re wearing is not OK for a 9-year-old boy or a 6-year-old boy.”

Dorn added, “Coming from being introduced to pornography at a young age, it destroyed me. And in that moment just a righteous anger to defend and protect young eyes came over me. … Just to clear everything up, I’m not going to apologize. I’m going to continue to stand on the truth. I’m going to continue to stand on the word of God. Our society is on such a downcline of morality. Pornography and lust is at an all time high. People don’t even know their gender anymore. … Society is really jacked up. And I’m going to stand on the word of truth. I’m going to continue to speak truth and be bold no matter the consequences.”

Dorn has not commented about his firing by the construction company he worked for. His TikTok account states, “THE DWELLING PLACE WHERE YOU CAN ENCOUNTER GOD♥️✝️🔥🙏🏽”

Dorn is originally from Beatrice, Nebraska, and he graduated from Norris High School. He played basketball at Central Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado, according to the school’s website. He has also worked as a certified personal trainer at Gold’s Gym, according to his Facebook page.

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