PHOTO: Kayla Sessler Faces ‘Blackfishing’ Accusations


“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” star Kayla Sessler was accused of “blackfishing.”

“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” star Kayla Sessler was accused of “blackfishing” by some fans on Reddit after she promoted season three of the series.

Blackfishing is when a first white person is accused of pretending to be Black, appropriating a culture that does not belong to them. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Bhad Babie, and Ariana Grande have faced allegations of blackfishing in the past.

Viewers noted that the MTV star’s skin looked darker; her lips looked fuller; her nose appeared smaller and her eyes seemed enhanced.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the video, where the caption says: “Hey, it’s Kayla Sessler.”

“Is it [though]?” the original poster asked, amassing hundreds of upvotes on the “Teen Mom” subreddit.

“Who da fuq is this supposed to be? Did she get a racial transplant? Or does she identify as black?” the top response said.

“What the f*** did she do to her face??” another person asked. “I went to her IG and barely recognize her. I see she had her lips plumped and maybe a nose job. Did she get that stupid ‘fox eye’ surgery though too??”

One of the most popular comments said Sessler’s appearance was embarrassing.

“I know this sub likes to debate whether Kayla is blackfishing or not, but it’s pretty clear what ‘look’ she’s been trying to go for. Especially in the first picture. The tan, overly done lip filler, black hair, wearing weaves and slicking down her baby hair, etc,” they wrote. “Idk, maybe I could excuse it if it wasn’t for the blaccent she tries to pull when she’s around friends, it’s just cringey to me.”

Heavy reached out to Sessler for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

Sessler Feels ‘Vulnerable’ About the New Season

Sessler isn’t new to reality TV, but she’s nervous about fans watching season three. In the trailer for the upcoming season, Sessler said she was pregnant. She also opened up about fiance Luke Davis having an affair, revealing to Pop Culture she was left “feeling vulnerable.”

The couple shares 2-year-old daughter Ariah, and she welcomed 3-year-old son Izaiah with ex-boyfriend Stephen Alexander.

“It was very hard,” she told the outlet about her partner cheating. “Unfortunately, it happened a while ago and I’m just now opening up about it.”

Sessler wanted to be transparent with her fans. “I think just being on TV and trying to hold secrets — it never works,” she continued. “I signed up for reality [TV], so I feel like I have to give [the viewers] the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Sessler Slammed Her Ex for Forgetting Izaiah’s Age

In the season three premiere of “Young & Pregnant,” Alexander admitted to missing out on son Izaiah’s life. After meeting with one of his friends, Alexander decided to send a present to his son.

Sessler wasn’t interested in reading the lengthy note from Alexander. “Izaiah can’t read and I don’t really want to read it,” she said.

While Alexander thought Izaiah was celebrating his 4th birthday, the toddler was turning 3.

Sessler took to Twitter to mock her ex. “So apparently Izaiah was turning 4 last year … #YoungAndPregnant,” she tweeted sarcastically. 

To find out what happens next, don’t miss season three of “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” when it airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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