Fans Think P.j. Henderson Is the Next ‘Bachelor’ Star


Fans think PJ Henderson is the next ‘Bachelor.’

Although no official announcements have been made, reports indicate that ABC has chosen its next “Bachelor” star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers of the show decided to go in a different direction for the new season. Rather than choose a guy from Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette,” they’ve decided to go with a guy from Michelle Young‘s season — that has been filmed, but has not yet aired.

The name of the man who will hand out roses when the show returns — presumably in January 2022 — has not yet been released. However, fans have looked over the guys that got a chance to find love with Michelle, and have narrowed down the pool. There is one guy in particular that seems to stand out, and that’s P.j. Henderson.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Producers Fell in Love’ With 1 Guy From Michelle’s Season, According to the ‘Chicks in the Office’ Podcast

The hosts of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast got some information from a “trusted source” of their own.

“The next ‘Bachelor’ is, not Greg, it’s not anybody who you thought it was. Not Andrew. It’s actually somebody from Michelle’s season. Someone we have not met yet,” the podcast hosts revealed. “But, apparently, allegedly, producers fell in love with this guy. They resonate with his story, and they want to give him a second chance at love immediately,” they added.

Although not much is known about many of Michelle’s guys — their bios aren’t even up on the ABC website just yet — many are convinced that the new “Bachelor” star is P.j. Henderson, as evidenced by this Reddit thread.

According to a tweet by Reality Steve, P.j. is a firefighter and an EMT who hails from Houston, Texas. His brother, Bakari, was killed in Greece back in 2017, according to KVUE. Bakari was attacked by a mob and “beaten to death” after he “took a selfie with a Serbian woman.”

Following Bakari’s death, P.j. started The Bakari Foundation. The mission of the organization is “providing transformative travel experiences for families who have lost loved ones at the hands of another,” according to its website.

P.j. Might Go Home Fairly Early During Michelle’s Season

Michelle Young

ABCMichelle Young.

Choosing a “Bachelor” star from the upcoming season is fairly tricky, mainly because producers generally choose one of the top four guys to hand out roses — and if that news were to get out, it could potentially spoil the whole season.

For this reason, many have presumed that the new star of “The Bachelor,” was sent home fairly early on in Michelle’s season, perhaps not finding a connection with her, but still striking a chord with the producers.

“I would hope it’s PJ…compelling backstory & as you say, it would be great for them to portray a black male lead in a very positive light, to hopefully right some wrongs. PJ is also a VERY attractive man…just sayin!!” one Redditor commented on a thread about who the next ‘Bachelor’ might be.

“I’ve been a PJ stan since his photo came out cause I remember reading his story about the awful murder of his brother, so I hope it’s him,” wrote another.

“I think it’s going to be [P.j.]. Plus this way TPTB have the chance to portray a black lead positively. They can ‘redeem’ themselves, so to speak,” the original poster wrote.

Another name being thrown around quite frequently on Reddit is LT Murray — Clint Eastwood’s grandson. You can read more about him here.

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