David Mikkelson Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth And Family – Is Snopes CEO A Billionaire?

The co-founder of Snopes, David Mikkelson is married to an adult film actress, Elyssa Young. What is David’s net worth? Find that out in the article below. 

David Mikkelson is the owner of one of the first and popular fact-checking websites, Snopes. 

In 1994, he created Snopes.com along with his former wife, Barbara Mikkelson. Today, he owns 50 percent of a Snopes Media Group.

Recently, he is trending in the news as the co-founder of Snopes got suspended for plagiarism. He admitted to plagiarism founded on the site under his own and several pseudonymous names.

David Mikkelson Wife Elyssa Young

David Mikkelson is married to his second wife, Elyssa Young.

The couple got married in November 2016 in a church. David got divorced from his first wife, co-founder of Snopes back in 2015.

There is no information on when David got married to his ex-wife.

Elyssa is a former adult industry star. Elyssa is also involved in political activities. As per the source, she is a former Libertarian candidate. 

There are not many details on the Snopes owner’s wife. But she seems to be active on a social media platform like Facebook.

David Mikkelson Net Worth – Is Snopes CEO A Billionaire?

David Mikkelson, Snope’s CEO, has an estimated net worth of more than a million dollar.

Snope.com has been a successful fact-checking website under Mikkelson. It is one of the oldest and most respected fact-check sites.

He has been the Chief Executive Officer of Snope for more than twenty-six years. During these years, he handled everything from researching and writing articles about urban legends to managing the site’s technical infrastructure.

Recently, he has acknowledged plagiarising the articles in the site.

David Mikkelson Age

David Mikkelson’s age should be around 60.

This is by taking into account, the year he graduated and his years of involvement in Snopes. There is no information on his exact age and birth date.

He has successfully run the company he co-founded with his wife and took it to a new height.

The fact-checking site has already won a Webby Award for two-time. It was also cited by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

David Mikkelson Family 

David Mikkelson has not disclosed much about his family. 

Regarding his family, there is only information about his wives. Those include information on his ex-wife, Barbara, and second wife, Elyssa. 

David Mikkelson Wikipedia

Despite being a successful personality, his bio is not found on Wikipedia.

Regarding his background, he graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He read Bachelor of Science at the university from 1983 to 1987.