Joyner Lucas Claims a Heist; Karen Civil’s Lawsuit Expected

The hip-hop star took to Twitter to accuse a blogger of stealing money from him! It is expected that Joyner Lucas is working on Karen Civil’s lawsuit after several claims of the heist.

Karen Civil has gained national attention from the time she started campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Joyner Lucas claimed that at the beginning of his career, he paid Karen Civil $60,000 to help him promote his career. But, eventually, Civil took the money and ran without giving him any promotion.

This is not the first time that Joyner Lucas has made these claims against this blogger, who bills herself as a “Young Money affiliate.”

Joyner Lucas will sue Karen Civil over money
Joyner Lucas claimed that Karen Civil has stolen $60k

In addition, the rapper isn’t the only person who has accused Karen Civil of foul play. Dipset capo Cam’ron took to Instagram in 2016 and claimed that Civil stole $60,000 from his affiliate, as well. Cam’ron went public with his claim after Civil gave an interview claiming that Cam’ron and Jay-Z were enemies, which was a claim that Cam’ron denied.

He said: “This story Karen is telling is just another one of her lies… she stole 60k from my cousin @darealdukedagod (and we still have all the bank statements if u wanna Pursue this KAREN) and has yet to pay him back.”

She previously had claimed that Joyner Lucas and Cam’ron were “cyberbullying” her. But based on Joyner’s recent tweets, he seems to have a legitimate complaint. She was allegedly run out of New York for stealing so much money from rappers.

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Karen Civil’s Lawsuit Expected from Deceived Rappers

As many rappers had claimed about money heists, Karen Civil’s lawsuit is expecting. Joyner Lucas wrote: “My son was on the way and you stole 60k from me before I got in the game @KarenCivil. I hired you as a consultant and below attached was the memo you sent me. I was desperate for help and you knew that. After you was paid you went ghost and didn’t expect me to pop. here I am.”

Several fans, friends, and supporters reacted and revealed their shock on social media websites

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