Katie Thurston Responds to Negative Feedback From Viral TikTok

Katie Thurston holding a red rose.


Katie Thurston.

Katie Thurston uploaded a new TikTok on September 19, 2021, and she received a message criticizing her for being overly sexual. In true Thurston fashion, the former “Bachelorette” star shared the comment — and her response — on her Instagram Stories.

Thurston first made her debut in the living rooms of millions of people across the United States when she stepped out of a limo holding a purple vibrator on Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.” Although Thurston didn’t end up with James in the end, she did win over enough hearts that she was offered the role of “Bachelorette.” She inked a deal with producers in hopes of finding love of her own — and she did. Thurston ended up getting engaged to Blake Moynes on the finale.

Throughout the season, Thurston was described as “sex positive,” and was very candid about her sexuality. While some fans of the show supported Thurston and thought that her take on sex was real, others were a bit turned off by the “in your face” nature of it all. And it seems that some people still feel that way, as evidenced by Thurston’s TikTok video, which has received 1.2 million likes as of this writing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Thurston Posted a Video Titled ‘Dump His Ass’

Thurston’s TikTok video (which you can see here) was about men handing women a towel after they have sex. Thurston wasn’t very explicit in the video, which got plenty of positive feedback.

“On today’s episode of ‘Dump His Ass,’ if he does not hand you a towel — and I mean, hand you a towel — and, instead, throws a towel at you or even worse, gives you nothing when you are done, dump his ass,” Thurston said.

“And, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re probably too young to be following my page, so please, keep scrolling,” Thurston added.

Thurston received more than 9,500 comments on the post, many of which were in support of what she was saying, and many were very funny. Thurston even took to the comments section to say that the comments were cracking her up.

However, not all of the feedback that Thurston received on the TikTok video was positive.

Thurston Responded to One Social Media User’s Concerns on Her Instagram Stories

Evidently, one of Thurston’s followers wasn’t a huge fan of her suggestive TikTok. Thurston shared the exchange on her Instagram Stories.

“Awwww Katie!!! I love you!!!! But this is not a good look (talking about being c***** on). I don’t mean that in any mean way at all. I respect you, but this is not what mature, respectable women talk about so publicly,” the comment read.

“My first TV appearance was me holding a vibrator. [I don’t know] what you expect,” Thurston responded. “Sex is nothing to be ashamed of, and certainly can and should be talked about. It’s healthy and normal,” Thurston added.

Thurston has maintained this view on sex for quite some time, and she wasn’t shy about expressing it on reality television, either.

“I’m comfortable, I think I have a good sense of humor, sex positivity is such a thing for me. I talk about sex in a very casual way,” she previously told Variety.

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