Danica McKellar’s Christmas Movie Is a Wonder Years Reunion


Danica McKellar attends Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movies And Mysteries 2019 Winter TCA Tour.

Crown Media has finally released details about their schedule of Christmas movies that we’ll see on The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The announcement included a revelation that Danica McKellar’s new movie is going to kickoff the Countdown to Christmas lineup.

McKellar Is Starring Opposite Benjamin Ayres & Jason Hervey

McKellar is starring opposite Benjamin Ayres and Jason Hervey in the new movie “You, Me & The Christmas Trees,” Hallmark shared in an official press release. The movie is premiering on Friday, October 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.

McKellar first rose to prominence when she played Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years.” Her new movie will reunite her with fellow “The Wonder Years” star Jason Hervey, who played Wayne Arnold in the series.

Since starring in “The Wonder Years,” Hervey has starred in other productions including “TNA iMPACT! Wrestling,” “Justice League Unlimited,” “100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd,” “The Last Ride,” “Spring Fling!,” “Take Me Home Again,” and more. Prior to “The Wonder Years” he was also on “Diff’rent Strokes,” “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure,” and “Back to the Future.”

Ayres is also starring in the new movie, and Hallmark fans are familiar with his work. His credits include “The Chronicle Mysteries” (Drew), “Detention Adventure” (Bruno), “The Good Doctor,” “Cranberry Christmas,” “Burden of Truth” (Alan), “Best Intentions,” “A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas,” “Suits” (Gavin), “Falling for Vermont,” “Birdland,” “Saving Hope” (Zachary Miller), “Emma Fielding Mysteries,” “Bitten,” “”Less Than Kind” (Eric), “12 Dates of Christmas,” “Dan for Mayor” (Mike), “JPod,” “Smallville” (Jason), and more.

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “Olivia is Connecticut’s resident expert on evergreens who, just days before the holiday, agrees to help Jack, a fourth generation Christmas tree farmer in Avon. A mysterious illness has befallen their firs, causing them to die out and threatening his family’s 100-year business. As Olivia tries to get to the root of the problem and extends her stay in town, she and Jack spend more time together and feelings begin to develop.”

She Shared an Instagram Story of the Set

McKellar hasn’t revealed much about the movie on her social media accounts, but she did share a screenshot while she was filming.


She wrote: “Can’t share much about my Christmas movie yet, but this won’t give away much… 😉🎄”

Here’s another photo.


She also revealed in another Instagram story that filming a Christmas movie in the middle of a heatwave was almost too much for her. She said the temperatures were in the mid-90s or hotter and she had to wear sweaters while filming.

She said on her video:

I’ve been really busy on my Christmas movie, which I’m not allowed to post about yet. So I don’t have anything to post because I’ve just been working all day every day on this movie. So hi! … I have been getting pictures and videos along the way. So once I’m allowed to post about, there’ll be stuff for me to post. Just not yet. Also, it’s been extremely hot. Like really, really hot.

She said it was so hot that she had to sometimes fill her shoes with water just to stand being in the heat.

The movie was wrapped in mid-August.

They filmed in Canada.

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