‘Halloween Kills’ Star Kyle Richards Reveals Childhood Horror Films Caused Her Anxiety


Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards says she wasn’t totally acting while filming some of the scariest scenes in her upcoming film, “Halloween Kills.”

In a new interview on E! News” “Daily Pop,” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star talked about her 40-year history with the horror film franchise and said this time around she really was frightened during filming.

Kyle Richards

GettyKyle Richards arrives at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ “Halloween” at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California

Richards was just eight years old when she first played the character, Lindsey Wallace, in John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” in 1978.  She will reprise the role in David Gordon Green’s upcoming 2021 sequel, per Page Six.

Richards Said ‘Too Many Horror Films’ Caused the Anxiety She Still Deals With as an Adult

In the “Daily Pop” interview, Richards was asked if she was afraid when she filmed “Halloween” as a child.

“As a little girl, when I did the original, I wasn’t [afraid] because I didn’t realize what I was making,” she said.

Richards added that once she saw the completed film in the theater, she had a change of tune.

“When we went to the premiere, I didn’t see it all put together,” she said. “My mom said, ‘Oh, you can invite a friend,’ so I took my best friend from second grade. We both ended up sleeping with our moms until we were 15 years old!”

Richards previously told fans on Twitter, “Halloween wasn’t scary to film but was scary to see myself in it.”

“Another film I did Eaten Alive (directed by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre director) scared me while filming. Still can’t watch the movie,” she added.

Of the new film, Richards said she was also afraid upfront while filming scenes with the white-masked villain.

“[Filming ‘Halloween Kills’] was actually scary,” Richards told “Daily Pop,” “He is a terrifying image to look at anyways, and we were filming nights too.”

The “RHOBH” star added that her past as a horror film star set her up for a lifetime of anxiety.

“People wonder why I have anxiety nowadays. It’s because of too many horror films!” she said.

Richards has been vocal about her issues with anxiety. In 2019, she tweeted that she was “dealing with crippling anxiety & had to start taking medication for it.”

During an appearance on E!’s “Just the Sip” that same year she revealed that when her kids were little her anxiety “was very bad.” She said she constantly worried what would happen if something happened to her and she couldn’t take care of them.

“So that meant, what if I got sick? I don’t want to get on a plane. What If get in a car and someone drives too fast?” she explained. “So all of that stuff that put me at risk to not be there for my children is what scared me. And I couldn’t talk myself out of it.”

The Bravo star added that therapy has helped her deal with her anxiety issues.

Richards Revealed That Her Husband Is Even More Afraid Than She Is

Kyle Richards home burglarized


Richards told E! that she thinks it’s “funny” when people tell her that scary movies are their “thing,” because they for sure aren’t her husband Mauricio Umansky’s thing.

“My husband, if we watch a scary movie, he has to put ‘SpongeBob’ on after,” she said. “He’s going to kill me for saying that.”

This isn’t the first time Richards has outed her husband’s film fears. In 2018, when the couple attended the “Halloween” sequel premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Richards shared an Instagram story with fans as she asked her husband if he was “scared.”

“I am so scared, I can’t handle it,” Umansky said at the time, per BravoTV.  “I get scared! You know me, I’m a scaredy-cat with movies.”

Richards revealed that after she and her husband watch a scary movie they have to put cartoons on, while Umansky acknowledged that the only reason he went to the premiere at all was because his wife survived “Halloween” part one.

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