Natasha Parker & Greg Grippo Hang Out in New York City


Natasha Parker from ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’

Natasha Parker hasn’t had the best luck finding love on “Bachelor in Paradise,” but she seems to be doing okay since returning back to New York City. On September 22, 2021, Natasha took to her Instagram Stories to share a couple of videos — and eagle-eyed fans spotted Greg Grippo, who you might remember from Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

Natasha worked out at Mind Body Project on September 22 and took to her IG Stories to share that she had a tough work out, adding that she’d be sore the next day. A male can be heard laughing in the background, though his face isn’t shown.

In another video, Natasha gave her fans an update on her decision to freeze her eggs. As she’s walking down the sidewalk and talking into her phone, Greg can be seen walking slightly behind her. While it’s unclear if the two are more than friends, fans couldn’t help but question how the two got linked up. The consensus on Reddit, however, seems to be that these two are strictly platonic.

Here’s what you need to know:

Natasha Talked About Freezing Her Eggs

Natasha used the opportunity to chat with her followers, and give them an update on freezing her eggs, which she did over the summer.

“Alright, I have an update about the eggies [sic]. So, as you guys know, I froze my eggs a few months ago, and you inject yourself with a bunch of hormones… and I was getting laser hair removal before this, and I have had the nerve to be out of town. And when you inject yourself with hormones, your hair grows back with a vengeance,” Natasha said, walking with Greg.

Natasha went on to say that she was going to be getting in touch with the person who does her laser treatments, and she promised to update her fans on what she finds out.

Meanwhile, Greg kept up pace with Natasha, and had been looking down at his phone while Natasha recorded her Stories. She did not acknowledge him, nor did she draw any kind of attention to the fact that he was with her.

Fans Think Natasha & Greg Worked Out Together

While some people would love to see Natasha and Greg find love together, most fans on Reddit believe that the two just linked up because Natasha was looking for a new gym to go to. Fans pointed out that it seemed like Natasha’s first time at Mind Body Project, based on what she said in her Instagram Stories.

“Whether they’re just friends or more, I’m soooo here for this,” one Redditor commented on a thread.

“I weirdly like this duo,” added another.

“Natasha has been hanging out with a lot of Bachelor Nation people, including Victoria F and Noah, so I don’t think anyone should read into any of this,” a third Redditor pointed out.

“If they’re friends/networking, good for them, but if there’s anything more going on Natasha can do better,” a fourth person wrote.

This isn’t the first time that Greg has been linked to another member of Bachelor Nation. Back in August, Greg was seen in New York City with Bri Springs. While fans were very curious about the two, Bri confirmed that her relationship with Greg wasn’t anything romantic — because she has a boyfriend.

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