Nicotine Vapes Banned After ‘Significant Increase’ In Use By Young Blood

Nicotine Vapes Banned In Australia: Nicotine Vapes Banned After ‘Significant Increase’ In Use By Young Blood: It seems like nicotine e-cigarettes are getting banned in Australia because of a significant increase in their use by young people, this has been stated by the head of Australia’s pharmaceutical regulator, the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes or nicotine vapes is going to be illegal in Australia without a prescription.

Nicotine Vapes Banned In Australia

If the person is going to have possession of one without the prescription is also going to be an unlawful act, the only exception is South Australia. The importance of nicotine vapes from an overseas website without a prescription hasn’t been criminalized until now. From 1st October, the Australian border force is going to have the power to intercept packages of nicotine vapes, liquid nicotine and nicotine pods, the head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration naming John Skerritt has stated, the ban has been made to prevent people from taking up nicotine vaping.

He further stated, there are a lot of tobacconists and convenience stores, and even sex shops who are selling these products now, they are selling them illegally, for time being, he further stated there are children too who are vaping at the age of 11,12,13, they are using high levels of nicotine vape.

Nicotine Vapes Banned In Australia

It seems like the trend is on up in Australia, Sophia Boroczky who is at the age of 20 is one of the consumers about whom TGA is worried, a previously non-addicted smoker who is now using nicotine e-cigarettes. Switching to vaping was an easier thing to do, it has been slightly cheaper for her, she stated it is less noticeable too and there is this image that vaping is way better than smoking so people seem to be less afraid of it.

It has been stated by professor Skerritt, the importation is currently being monitored, it has been stated there are about 10,00 to 100,000 products that have been imported every year. He further stated it is there to help and support adults who want to get access to nicotine e-cigarettes to have a smoking discussion with the doctor.

The people who are going to be affected the most are the people who are currently smoking and they have decided they want to switch to vaping, after 1st October, they are going to be finding it pretty difficult. The situation has been created because of consumption and this is something which is necessary to do as of this point in time as there are so many youngsters who have started consuming nicotine at such a small age.