NZ Offers One-Off Resident Visa To 165,000 Migrants

Immigration New Zealand Resident Visa: New Zeland is going to offer a one-off resident visa, they are going to be providing it to  165,000 migrants after there were delays in residency applications when it comes to their processing, this has happened at the time of Covid-19 when it threatened the lives of the skilled foreign workers.

Immigration New Zealand Resident Visa

Kris Faafoi who is the immigration minister ahs stated, the country is going to be providing a way forward for the migrant families who have been disrupted due to Covid-19, they are going to be ensuring the stability of the businesses as they are planning for the future. He stated this in a statement on Thursday in Wellington.

He has stated about the uncertainty and the difficulties which have been faced in these times of Covid-19 and the closed borders have caused the migrant community. The new visa is going to create a path for the residency of migrant workers who were left in limbo during the pandemic.

This includes the likes of skilled workers whose application for residence has been delayed, it has been stated by the Minister that the majority of the applications are going to be granted within a year, the category is going to open up in December. the visa for 2021 is going to be available for most of the workers which are related to visa holders and their family members.

It has been estimated by New Zeland that the immigration for visa holders is going to include over 5,000 health and aged care workers, there are around 9,000 primary industry workers and there are more than 800 teachers, there are about 15,000 construction workers, and about 12,000 manufacturing workers which are going to receive a relevant visa type, some of them are going to be eligible for the one-off pathway.

It seems like the country is fighting the battle with the Covid and is trying to help out the migrants who have seen a lot of despair in these times of Covid, there are many people in the country who have been living here for the longest time but they are migrants, there are many who don’t have a visa and this is going to help many to get their identity in the country, this is going to helo them when it comes to traveling, we hope all of the hard-working migrants get through the process.