Sarah Everard Murder Wayne Couzens Falsely Arrested and Handcuffed Victim: Court

Sarah Everard and Wayne Couzens Arrest: Sarah Everard Murder Wayne Couzens Falsely Arrested and Handcuffed Victim: Court The news is coming from London, a former police officer who raped and murdered a young woman who may have been handcuffed as he arrested her under the false pretense of her breaching the rules of Covid-19 restrictions, this has been heard in a London court on Wednesday.

Sarah Everard and Wayne Couzens Arrest

The name of the woman is Sarah Everard, her death started off a nationwide outcry when it comes to violence against women in the UK, she went missing after she was walking home from her friend’s place in the month of March, it was told by Old Bailey.

Wayne Couzens who was serving as a member of London’s metropolitan police at the time pled guilty in the month of July and he went on to murder the 33-year-old marketing executive, the hearing started off on Wednesday, it was told by Tom Little who is the prosecutor of the case that this isn’t the first time the former officer has done this.

He has been doing this for the longest time, at the day she got falsely arrested by the rapist, she was coming back from a friend’s place at the time, she broke Covid-19 rules but she was arrested falsely, it was the start of her lengthy ordeal, it included the 80 mile journey when he did not take her to the police station, she must have realized her fate, stated the prosecutor.

Sarah Everard and Wayne Couzens Arrest

The court was told, Couzens burned the body of Everard, he burned off her clothes and his possessions after he killed her, the prosecutor further stated, there was a broken fragment of a SIM card from Everard’s phone which was found at the time in the car of the rapist.

He further stated, Couzens went on to take a call about his children’s dental appointments, he even called a veterinarian to consult about his dog having separation anxiety shortly after the murder of 33-year-old Everard. At the court, her father asked for the pictures of her daughter to be displayed and he asked Couzens to face him as he went on to address him directly. It was further stated y her father, she was handcuffed and she was not able to defend herself. this is preying on his mind all the time, he stated.

The rapist joined the force in the year 2008 and he recently served in the parliamentary and diplomatic protection command, he was part of an armed unit which is responsible for guarding embassies in the parliament and the capital.