Reality Behind Guitar Tech Francis Stueber’s Cause of Death

Reality Behind Guitar Tech Francis Stueber's Cause of Death

It’s with the most profound sorrow to announce that Paul Stanley’s longtime guitar tech passed away on October 18, 2021. Francis Stueber’s cause of death has been reported as a disease. Stay to learn more.

For those who don’t know, Mr. Stanley is the co-founder and guitarist of the world-known rock band called KISS which was established as The Starchild for his KISS persona.

Mr. Stanley has released twenty studio albums, releasing their debut studio album just a year after the band was formed. The band had shared its last-ever twentieth studio album in 2012 called Monster.

“We’ve all lost someone so special. I know I have.”

He lately announced: “My dear friend, buddy, and guitar tech for 20 years, Fran Stueber died yesterday suddenly. Both on and offstage I depended on him for so much. My family loved him as did I. He was so proud of his wife and 3 boys as they were of him. I’m numb.”

Francis started to work with the band in 2002 as a mainstay on Kiss and Stanley’s solo tours ever since. Besides, he used to work behind the scenes for Heart, The Offspring, and REO Speedwagon.

He was blessed with his lovely wife, shared three sons. He was only 52 years old. May he rest in peace and be remembered fondly. Please write your condolence for us as it will be the only thing to get his beloveds through such difficult times.

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An Illness Leads to Francis Stueber’s Cause of Death

The tragic news has been shared on social media, firstly announced by Paul Stanley, confirming that his friend, Francis Stueber’s cause of death was due to COVID-19.

Fans and friends immediately began writing kind and emotional messages, prayers, and solidarity for family and friends showing respect to the legendary guitar tech. 

The Dives wrote: “Just learned of the passing of FrancisStueber, guitar tech for Paul Stanley. We worked with him closely on our very first tour opening for KISS in the U.K. He was the nicest guy and treated all of us like we were just one of the gang. Rock on brother, Rest In Peace.”

An account has claimed that he was vaccinated. It’s written that Francis Stueber, KISS Frontman Paul Stanley’s Longtime Guitar Tech, has died of COVID.

It’s added that Fran Stueber died yesterday suddenly of Covid KISS is vehemently pro-vaccine and didn’t work with anyone unvaccinated. -> Fran was vaccinated and died suddenly!!!

One replied: “Francis Stueber also died who’s #FullyVaccinated … He was only 52. Not trying to politicize but this is what happens when you cram a shot down people’s throats that are hit or miss. Look up fully vaccinated deaths. Many more people died.”

W. Earl Brown tweeted: “He struck me as a genuine fan who was immensely proud of his role in bringing the Greatest Rock Show Ever to the stage.”

According to the latest updates, the band has canceled its concert Sunday in Ohio due to Francis Stueber’s death. Kiss is planning to release a new date and tickets for the canceled show would be honored at the new date.

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Reactions to Francis Stueber’s Death:

One shared: “This disease is not a joke. Please get vaccinated to lessen your chances of this happening to you. May this great man RIP eternally. So sorry to hear this, Paul. My condolences to you, the whole Kiss crew, and his family.”

A fan commented: “I can’t believe some of these comments. KISS has publicly stated the band and it’s crew were all vaccinated. It’s a breakthrough case, as it was Simmons & Stanley back in Sept. Instead of debating the vaccine, can we just respectfully offer condolences to his friends and family.”

Paul Stanley expressed: “Ross Halfin reminded me that Fran LOVED this photo and had a big print. We’ve all lost someone so special. I know I have.”

Another replied: “Oh god, this is heartbreaking. Fran was such a great guy. I wish he’d been vaccinated so he could spend many more years with us. I had some wonderful times with him over the years. Always a gentleman!”

One wrote: “

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