Rumors Behind Voice Actor Jack Angel’s Cause of Sudden Death

Rumors Behind Voice Actor Jack Angel's Cause of Sudden Death

Many condolences have been shared, starting a rumor about the voice actor’s death on October 19, 2021, without clarifying Jack Angel’s cause of death. Stay to learn more.

First of all, it needs to be mentioned that no reliable sources have neither shared nor confirmed the tragic news yet; however, Jack Angel’s death has been tweeted by many, confirming his death on social media.

Mr. Angle is one of the well-known voice actors and radio personalities who has successfully provided voice-overs for animation and video games. 

You might have recognized his voice as he has charactered in shows by Hasbro and Hanna-Barbera such as Super Friends, The Transformers, and mainly from G.I. Joe.

He happened to be involved in numerous productions by DreamWorks, Disney, and Disney Pixar. Before appearing with voiceover work, Mr. Angel used to be initially a disc jockey for radio stations, namely KMPC and KFI.

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Reality Behind Jack Angel’s Cause of Unexpected Death

The tragic news has been shared on social media without clarifying Jack Angel’s cause of death; however, make sure to check back the US Day News regularly for the latest updates and be the first to know.

People immediately began writing kind and emotional messages of prayers and solidarity for family and friends showing respect to one of the best voice actors. 

One wrote: “Just found out that Jack Angel’s gone to the big voice acting castle in the sky. So so hard to take in, considering I nearly got to meet him through Galaxycon’s GI Joe event, but alas, he pulled out. RIP Jack.”

Rachel Warwick tweeted: “I have just received the sad news that fellow VA Jack Angel has sadly passed away. Rest easy. You were such a great guy.”

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