Who Was Wavy Navy Pooh? Miami Rapper Shot Dead Check Video CCTV Footage

Wavy Navy Pooh

Once again a very frightening and ominous incident is coming in front of the people from Miami which no one had even imagined. Yes, you heard right, a popular rapper Wavy Navy Pooh is reportedly passed away due to a shooting. It is being told that at the time of the incident, the rapper was on his way from Miami with his wife and children to spend some time somewhere else. But sadly he has passed away because of a shooting which is very appalling and condemnable, like all his admirers ask the police to investigate the matter and send the culprit behind the bars.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Miami-based rapper was shot to an unexpected death, he was driving his car Toyota Camry nearest zoo Miami, but only his departure occurred due to the accident. After a while, when the police department got the news, they reach the crime spot so that, they could catch the defaulter at the correct time before its too late, but unfortunately the prime suspects ran away, and still, no evidence against them is left. Which is remaining the subject of hot discussion among everyone, as his admirers are seeking justice for him.

Who Was Rapper Wavy Navy Pooh?

According to trusted reports, rapper Wavy Navy Pooh was only 28-years-old and a rising star too who was associated with Quality control music as well, he hailed from Liberty City, Miami, and wanted to illustrate “The Other Side” of the city by his extraordinary music. In 2020, the rapper has unleashed his first album and spontaneously he got immense popularity, as the people loved to grab the album as he added such incredible music. But recently his departure news left everyone shocked, as no one had supposed that one day their face will hit with such news.

As soon as the news is getting circulated on all over the social networking sites his admirers started paying tribute to him while mourning his demise too, even they are sending their deepest condolence to the family too, as they are going through a great shock. As they lost an integral part of their family in such a manner even in front of their eyes, which is quite shocking. This is the reason everyone is seeking justice for him while urging to the concerned department for taking strict actions against the culprit while taking them into custody as soon as possible.