How to Earn Money from The Business Section

In these trying times, more people are visiting this section to look for solutions towards helping them survive financially.

Some of you are not sure of the best way gain value from this section, so you keep posting spammy links, no one clicks and you post them again, no one clicks again... ad infinitum.

What this does is that :
1. You waste your precious time and data - no one buys your products
2. Valuable posts that could help you are pushed down and are more difficult to find
3. It creates more work for the volunteers who use their free time they could be spending with their families to make this section work for you.

A better way to earn money from this section:

1. After moderating this section for over 10 years, I have found that the biggest earners here earn money by creating value and sharing their knowledge - not by asking people to buy anything. It's a strange principle, but I see ut here. Those that temporarily forget their problems and focus on sharing valuable information - just to help others get money back in good measure, shaken together and running over.
2. If you are advertising something, please post it in the "Adverts" sub board where people go to lool for things.
3. If you are a business, looking for something that a business can provide, please post in the "Business to Business" sub board. Multi-million naira deals have been brokered there.
4. To delete annoying spam on this board, just put a link to it on this thread with [Spam] and it will be deleted with immediate effect and the poster banned. You now have the power to clean this place up.
5. If you find a great post that you gained value from, post it here saying [Value] and we will consider it for the top of the board. If you highlight any adverts or self promotion, we are smart enough to recognise that, delete and ban you.

The biggest principle of money I have learnt is that when you are chasing it, it is elusive. When you stop chasing money and start trying to help others, money begins to pursue you left, right and centre. Those that take action on this will testify. No fasting, no prayer, just putting other people's needs before yours.

Let us start by making this place valuable.

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