To Make Money Online From Nigeria

Have you been struggling to make money online on freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer? Do you see others make money on these sites and wish to also make money like them?

If your answer is yes, the number one thing you need is to make money on these sites is to create and operate a USA/UK/CA account. If you use the IP of any of these three countries to operate an account, your success on these websites will be guaranteed.

It is no longer news that Fiverr no longer allow Nigerians to operate a USA Fiverr account with their Nigerian IP. Even though they created the account with a USA IP, once they switch to Nigerian IP, Fiverr will change the country from USA to Nigeria.

This means the only way to operate a USA Fiverr account from Nigeria is by constantly using a stable USA IP. And to do this usually require monthly subscription.

Thankfully there is a free stable VPN that you can use to create and operate a USA/UK/CA Fiverr and other account for as long as you want. This VPN offer users a 7 days free trial, and you'll be shown how to repeat the free trial indefinitely.

You'll be able to use the VPN to create and operate a USA/UK/CA account on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Paypal, Facebook, etc. Since the IPs in the VPN are all stable non-changing, you'll have a smooth ride operating a USA account on these websites.

The VPN Guide contains:

The VPN download link
How to download and install the VPN
How to use the VPN, the dos and don'ts
How to reactivate the VPN when it expires

How to create a USA Fiverr account
How to set up your USA Fiverr profile
Steps to create your Fiverr gig
Things to do to get Customers quickly

How to create USA Upwork account that gets approved in less than 24 hours
How to set up an upwork profile that gets clients fast
How To Write A Great Upwork Proposal That Wins Bids

How to create and operate USA paypal and facebook account with the VPN.
Dos and don'ts to operating a USA paypal and facebook account with the VPN.

You will need this guide especially when you are trying to work on zemandi article writing website. On the website, if you use Nigeria ip to register you'll not be given writing assignment when you ask for it. You'll be told that no writing assignment is available.

But if register on the website with a USA ip using the VPN, writing assignment will be sent to your email in less than one minute after you request for it.

Comment your m.ail if you are interested in getting the guide.

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