Agony in distress

I've been Hacked 


How's it possible to love the same person who's always causing you hurts and pain innumerably in seasons and in calculated time. I can't help but being sad and mad at it simultaneously 


I can't fight back cos my hands are tied, my reins are pulling me back, my heart's full if regret I've wished was never happening, How's this even happening to me? 


Just about the moment I saw my hopes raised so High and my dreams scaling through amidst all my worked up strategies to make sure that its all successful, it just drops into futility. 


My flaws were blown up on my countenance, spelling every single letter at my face, like I'm worth nothing and infusing an injury virtually through my blood veins 

Every reminiscence I take reminds me of a long past event that distorts my sense of appreciation towards nature 


Who would come to my rescue? 


The world is gradually snatching away everything I've worked hard for, 

What to do? 


Fight back or give in? 


I'M LOST... 

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