Be Effective Not Famous

 Be Effective Not Famous

       I almost quit I'm a country boy I'm from West Virginia enough about this big-time stuff I just I never even asked to be big I wanted to be effective not famous. Famous is the consequences of being effective I didn't know nothing about being famous and I didn't like it and so there I was and when you first knew

everybody attacks you first and figures you out later because though we say you're innocent until proven guilty the reality is you're really guilty till proven innocent II I didn't know that day and I'm I was young I've started you have to understand that you're looking at 60 year-old man but you're talking about something that's happening to a guy in his late 20s his little kids and the first time I was in The Washington Post the article was so vicious it lately luscious I was so shocked that you could say that stuff about somebody you didn't even know based on the substance and a little bit of this and a little bit of that big piece it all together and you don't get the same thing back so I decided I don't want this I was preaching from pastor

Bishop Bobby beers and I was nobody knew it because preachers can override their feelings and function I preached places on fire but inside I want to quit I told God through with this I'm not going through this I don't need this I don't see I don't leave that I'm a guy who likes to go get his own chicken wings I don't have to have all of that stuff to be happy cause I was raised with him I can make it you throw me an apartment right and give me just a little skillet a cast-iron skillet you know what you know I'm talking about

and since I'm not doing this no more, I'm not doing it I'm not doing this I'm not doing this because I don't need this and I didn't ask for this I'm only doing this because of what happened in my life of the circumstance that happened in my life he put me on stage I didn't ask for it and when I saw how much it costs I thought you gave that right back here you have that right back up in here I don't need it I was

mad and sad I was hurt and I stayed up in the fellowship with the pastors because I didn't want to go back to me room and sulk in my own suppers and they said this lady downstairs waiting the scenes service was over and the fellowship was over the pastor's starting to leave us trying out waiter I thought she'd give up and leave and when I finally came down the steps she was there and she was just a will and wee bit of a woman and I she said fisher chance she said I've been in the hospital she said I was pregnant in my fallopian tubes and the baby died in my tooth and I was carrying around a dead baby and the toxicity from the baby almost killed me and she said the only thing that kept me alive was hear you preach she said if you haven't been preaching to me everybody and then she looked at me she said it's for us it's not for them it's for us it had a small bird and didn't even get her name I can work hard and crabapple be back tomorrow because she remanded leave, I was there. You?


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