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All right so let me just quickly tell you a short story of kind of when I got started in programming and what happened to me when I got started. I lost motivation several times and I kind of led me to quit several times and I just remember feeling like completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that I didn't know and that I knew I'd have to learn
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in summary the three things, the three tips for people who learnt self-taught programmers, number one, best practices, learn best practices,...
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Tom brown- A nice homemade cereal anyone can prepare
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The heart is linked to brain which receive signals from the brain through the nervous system
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Purification of water is needed to have hygiene water
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With this home made easy custard recipe, you’ll have a warm, creamy vanilla sauce ready to top all your pies and desserts, in no time.
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Life in wildlife
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How to produce an emulsion paint (water paint) at home
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