Conquered By Love

Love,   Love,   Love

A four letter word, but its the world most strongest force. No matter how tough, rich, pronounced, powerful or principled you can be, I promise you love will bring you down to your knees. 

Ever heard of anyone who war against love and won? 

I mean it doesn't even seek your permission before it strike in. The more you fight the more you lose. 

They say a person just need three things to be happy in this world

-Someone to love

-Something to do

And something to yearn and hope for, how true is that? 

For me I quite agree, just that the world is so big that we got lost in it, I believe that our happy place is that smaller world we create for ourselves occupied by God, people, purpose, dreams and hope that it helps us ignite our happiness from within. 

For each passing we must learn never to trade that happy place

For this moment of life is ours and it actually got no spare.                                              


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