How creativity brings power

Facts, ideas and skills learnt and acquired are indelible 

We live in a world of prejudice , where opinions and thoughts have been laid on from the past and the best that we can do is rejoice we've got treasures that's brought wealth into eternity 

The knowledge we've been committed to brings no value or incentive to keep us focused on our goals or accomplishments

Our creative power is what makes us better than who we are, it invents power, originality, expressiveness, resourcefulness, imaginativeness 

Our being creative gives us values that makes us distinguished and relevant in our various fields  of study 

We are a brain box of ideas that can rule the world, we learn about new items everyday, music, jokes, science, technology, psychology, art works, painting and, all. We've been capacitated to change our world through ideas 

We've been wired to contain  our indifferences, ridicules, critics and assaults as  a result of the decisions we've made

We've got the perfect view to rule the world TOGETHER, ME AND YOU 


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Joyce - May 23, 2020, 7:29 PM - Add Reply

This is wonderful writer up
I'm inspired

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