How Did Angela Velkei Die? Ex wife of the former WWE Wrestler Alberto Del Rio Dies


One of Alberto Del Rio’s ex-wives has passed away. Alberto told the sad news about Angela Velkei’s tragic death, which was very sad. Alberto told the world about this and was very sad about it. Alberto and Angela were married for a long time and lived together for a long time before they split up. They had three kids together. It didn’t last long before the couple split up. It was a few days ago that Alberto asked his fans to donate some blood and platelets for his ex-wife, who had been sick. These should be given to a hospital in Mexico by his fans and people who follow him on social media. Alberto shared this heartbreaking news with the world on his official social media accounts. He also wrote a heartfelt goodbye note for her ex-wife, which was very moving. His heartfelt farewell note said that Angela died on April 30, 2022, and that he was very sad about it.

It was also revealed that Angela was battling an illness in his heartfelt farewell speech. Even though he didn’t say what Angela was fighting, he knew about it. Thank you: Alberto wrote a heartfelt farewell note to thank the media and his fans and followers for their love and support. When he asked his fans to donate blood and blood platelets, he thanked the media for getting his message out to the public. Thank you for giving blood and blood platelets.

Angela Velkei Cause of Death?

When he was going through a difficult time in his life, he thanked them for all the love and support they gave him. On that note, he also talked about how important her ex-wife was in his life. He said that Angela was not only his ex-wife, but she was a lot more than that to him. This is what he wrote: I can’t believe Angela is gone. She was my best friend and the mother of my three kids, as well as my motivator and my counsellor.

Alberto’s heartfelt post has been shared a lot on social media. It has been getting a lot of love from people all over the world. WWE wrestlers from all over the world paid tribute to Alberto’s ex-wife, Angela. Many people commented on his post with heartfelt messages for Angela and prayers for her. It was all of their prayers that Angela’s soul would be at peace. They also prayed for Alberto and his kids to be strong so they could get through this difficult time in their lives.

Officially, we don’t know why she died. The WWE star might tell us soon, so stay with us for all the news.

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