How Did Lino Capolicchio? Check Italian Celebrity Cause of Death What Happened To Him?

Lino Capolicchio, a well-known Italian celebrity, has passed away. People say the famous person died on May 3, 2022, in Italy’s capital city of Rome. There is a lot of talk about it on social media, and many people have been interested in the story. People have been paying their respects to Lino and expressing their heartfelt sorrow to his family and friends. In the beginning, Capoloicchio was famous on TV. Then, when he became famous in the movies, he became even more famous. His best-known role was in Franco Zeffirelli’s The Taming of the Shrew, which he played in 1967. Everything we know about him is here.

Lino Capolicchio

Lino Capolicchio

Since the news of Lino Capolicchio’s death came out on the Internet, his friends and family have been posting on social media to show their sadness. There is no doubt that a lot of people are sad to hear about the actor’s death. People say that Lino was 78 years old when he died of an unknown cause. The way some people say that he died isn’t the same as the way other people say that he died naturally. However, the family hasn’t said much about that yet. The cause of Lino’s death is still unknown.

Who Was Lino Capolicchio?

Lino Capolicchio was an actor, film director, and screenwriter from Italy. It was a long time before Lino had won any awards or nominations. Vittorio de Sica made a movie called The Garden of the Finzi-Continis in 1970. Lino won a special David di Donatello acting award for his role in the movie. August 21, 1943, is when the actor was born in Italy. Like any actor, Lino also had a hard time getting his feet wet in the movie business.

Afterwards, he was in the 1967 released film The Taming of the Shrew and then the 1968 released film Escalation. A lot of movies and TV shows came after that. He became a lot of people liked. As a side note, let us say that before the actor got the part in The Taming of the Shrew, he was a well-known TV actor. Lino has been in more than 70 movies and TV shows in his life.

Lino was also a very good actor, but he was also a very good director, and he proved that in many movies. In 1995, Lino not only wrote and directed Pugili, but he did both at the same time. It was a movie that won a lot of awards. It was about boxing and the world of the sport. It was also the voice of Bo Duke in three seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard that were aired in Italy by Capolicchio. Our team sends its heartfelt thanks to the Italian actor.

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