How to get additional income when staying at home

Helloo their!! How have you been holding up?

I am writing this because I care. I know because of the situation of the country it is very difficult to go out and make money the nurmal way we use to before. But am going to be opening your mind to some things now which I call "thinking outside the box"

The best way to get income now is by going degital!!!! Yes digital you might have heard of it before, but you don't have faith in it well this is the time to change your mind set.

And also for those that dose not have physical goods or services to offertheire are some designed website such as this one that you can get you additional income. And the good news is that the platform is free (wow) like this is the only platform I know of that is offering free services. Kudus to them .

Thanks for your time. I will be educating you guys more on my next post on degital marketing and how to start smallitf the admin of the platform allows me. Thank you ones again

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