Las Vegas Lake Mead Body Found Gunshot Murder Victim? Name Images Video

Las Vegas Lake Mead Body Found

One of the most well-known water bodies. Around 40 million people drink from Lake Mead, which is used to irrigate farms and make power. It even kept some of the lake’s more harrowing stories under wraps, but when the water level went down, they came to light. Ray Spencer, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Homicide Lieutenant, talked about a barrel that a man found while spending time at the lakeside. He said that the man had found it. You can learn more about the body of water in Las Vegas.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Lieutenant Ray Spencer talked about the most recent news. After they found the barrel, they set up an investigation team to look at the whole area. They found out that the barrel contained the body of a person who was killed somewhere between the mid-1970s and the early 1980s. It also said that the person had been killed by a gunshot. The clothes and shoes of the person who died have been used to get the information. It’s hard to find the body of someone who was killed a long time ago.

Over the last 15 years, the lake’s water levels have gone down a lot. There should be more bodies like this in Lake Mead if the water level drops. On Monday, May 2, that lake was about 1,054 feet above sea level and about 160 feet below that level in 2000. At the time, the water level of the lake was thought to be full for the last time. Since then, the water level has kept going down.

In August of the last year, the federal government said that the Colorado River was running low on water that had never been seen before. The river brings water to the reservoir that made the Southwestern states cut back on water use. It started in January.

It’s not just that there isn’t enough water. The authority is also worried about the possibility of finding dead bodies dumped in the lake to hide the crimes. We will let you know as soon as one of the trusted sources confirms it. Stay up to date with Social Telecast for more information and news.

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