Salesforce Tower San Francisco Climbing Arrested: Identified

Salesforce Tower San Francisco Climbing

There are people all over the world who are fans of Spiderman. But one fan is now making the front pages of the newspaper because he took himself to prison. On Tuesday, a man who goes by the name “Pro Life Spiderman” climbed to the top of Salesforce Tower, California’s tallest skyscraper. He wanted to raise money for anti-abortion groups. Though his intentions were good, his actions were not. Even a small mistake could have put his life in danger. The video of him has been going around the web and causing a stir.

Salesforce Tower San Francisco Climbing Arrested

at any point did you wish you had done something else? ABC7’s Stephanie Sierra asked that question. In this answer, Deschamps said, “No, it was fun. I’d do it again, too. The college student climbed the 1,070-foot building, stopping to use his phone to post videos to social media. He did this several times during the climb. He told the media that he has been planning the climb for almost a month, and he used Google Maps to look at the building. On Tuesday morning, DesChamps arrived at SFO from Las Vegas, where he is a senior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and where he lives.

After getting in, he said he took an Uber straight to Salesforce and started climbing around 09:00 AM, which is when he said he started. How did you feel about it? No… It means cutting your feet off of the wall. I hung one off of one hand to see off a little bit, you know? DesChamps said this before he laughed. Video: “I wanted to post some videos so that they would get out while I was in prison.” The anti-abortion groups “save lives.” How much money has been raised is unknown.

“These doctors are killing these babies on the table and leaving them to die,” said DesChamp. Women who want to have an abortion aren’t getting yelled at or accused by us. Instead, we just want to make sure they know there are other ways to get rid of their babies.

He said that the only thing that went wrong was that he got thirsty and tired near the end of the climb. Other than putting an abortion doctor in prison, Des Champ also wants to get a doctor in Washington, D.C., who performs abortions to be put in jail as well. His website says that this is another goal. He said, “I don’t have any regrets.” We are trying to send a message to the world.

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