Smile, a beneficial sentiment to our health

Smiling makes us feel really good.

Studies have shown that smiling  releases endorphins, natural painkillers an scrotinin. Together these three neurotransmitters makes us feel good from head to toe, Not only do these natural chemicals elevates our mood but also they relax our body and reduce physical pain. 

Countless scientific studies have confirmed that a genuine smile is generally considered attractive to others around us,  also others have found a strong link between good health, longevity and smiling. 

Most importantly, studies have actualize that just the act of smiling whether as a result of real joy or an act can have both short and long term benefits on people's  heath and well being. 

Some reasons why you need to make a conscious effort to smile every day

1.Smiling makes us attractive 

There's a real physical attraction linked to an act of smiling and people are drawn to it

2.Smiling relieves stress 

Stress can permeate our entire being and can really show up our face,  but smiling helps to reduce and ease stress

3.Smiling elevates your mood

When next you feel really down and things ain't working out well for you, try putting on a smile. There's actually a good chance your mood will change for the better 

4.Smiling boost your  immune system 

Smiling can really boost your overall health. Just the act of smiling actually helps the human immune system to function well and more effectively 

5.Smiling lowers your blood pressure 

When you smile, there's measurable reduction in your blood pressure. 

6.Smiling makes you look younger. 

Ever wonder why some people doesn't look their age, that because they smile alot. Not only can smiling makes you more attractive but also make you look youthful. The muscle we use to smile also lift the face making a person look younger. 

So don't let the tears cheat you out on every laughter you deserve 

Make it a habit of smiling always. 

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